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Whatever happened to the Archetype?


Hey guys,

The first issue of my four part superhero/sci-fi adventure ‘Whatever happened to the Archetype?’ has been released today via Insane Comics.

Here’s a quick synopsis-

‘Whatever happened to The Archetype?’ is a four part superhero/ sci-fi ‘epic’ that tries to answer the question - What happens when caped avengers get old and everyone thinks that their superhero persona was either a myth, or worse still the ramblings of a crazy old man?

At the Cherry Blossom Residential Home for the elderly, long-time resident Christopher Quin tells his life story to a mystery visitor and attempts to convince him of his alien heritage, his past life as a superhero, and his relationship with 1940’s supervillain Frenzy.

It’s available in print and digitally via the Insane Comics online store here-!/Whatever-Happened-To-The-Archetype/c/15032017/offset=0&sort=nameAsc

Digitally here-

Or from Top One Comics in Illinois.

I’d be really grateful if you guys would check it out.



Has anybody had chance to check it out yet?