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Whatever happened to 'Miracle Park'?


Whatever happened to the Millarworld film ‘Miracle Park’? It sounded so cool and then I never heard anything again about it.


From memory I think it was abandoned when it turned out Chronicle was doing something similar. Just one of those cases of two similar ideas being developed in parallel I think.



We spoke with Millar at Comic-Con who revealed that the project had its plug pulled by, not financing or anything more heard of, but another film, Chronicle. Miracle Park began shooting, but it ended up hitting an unfortunately timed snag. According To Millar, “it was so similar to Chronicle that we had to kill it. We got about two weeks into shooting and then we had to kill it. We found out Chronicle was shooting by pure chance, and they were shooting before we were.”


yeah, that’s exactly right. I did a couple of weeks working on it and a couple of days filming and then found out that a much better version (Chronicle) was in post production :smile:

Naturally we stopped before we embarrassed ourselves by bringing out a less good, much cheaper version a year after Chronicle’s release.

I’m so busy now I don’t really have time to do anything like this but fancied doing a wee short film (like maybe 5 mins) just for fun and doing on Youtube. Probably a couple of years away realistically.



A short would be fun. Do you think it would be something completely new, or something related to an existing MW concept?


Oh, totally new. I’ve got loads of wee ideas I’ve been scribbling down. I work 7 till 7 four days a week though and devote Fridays to either charity work or family stuff and then weekends all kid stuff so time is so limited.

I’ll have finished a few trilogies by late 2016/ early 2017 though (like Starlight, Chrononauts, etc) and might take a few weeks to do stuff like this before starting next projects.