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What would you recommend for someone who is completley new to 2000AD


I’ve been deprived of 2000AD for most of my life–but have found that I do want to gaze into the fist of Dredd.

I’ve had very little exposure, but like Mark’s Cannon Fodder series (at least the first story that I could get a hold of)

I also get the feeling that I’d really dig Indigo Prime and Devlin Waugh.

What’s quintessential Dredd? What are other 2000AD stories worth checking out (similar to Indigo Prime and Devlin)?


This is a job for @brucegray666!


I have read very little 2000AD so I’m almost entirely useless here but Bad Company by Peter Milligan and Brett Ewins is very good. The concept is simple: human and mutant soldiers fighting psychic aliens on a far off planet (later, a few far off planets). It’s a story that comments on the Vietnam war, war in general, and the things that lead our species to violence. Holds up really well, imo.

I also enjoyed Hewligan’s Haircut by Milligan and Jamie Hewlett (of the Gorillaz and Tank Girl). That’s a very silly, psychedelic short comic series about a man with a magic hole in his hair.

Alan Moore & Alan Davis’s D.R. and Quinch is also pretty damn funny. Two fratboy aliens cause havoc throughout spacetime.

…And I don’t think I’ve read anything more than that!


2000AD put together a couple of videos about this a while back:

Dredd recommendations.

Other recommendations.


My own recommendations.

For Dredd I’d go for Case Files 02, 05 and 14 for the Cersed Earth, Apocalypse War and Necropolis stories respectively (if you are going to read Necropolis it would be a good idea to pick up and read a collection called The Dead Man first too). Those are three of the best classic “Mega Epics” in my opinion. Out with these Case Files I’d pick up Dredd vs Aliens: Incubus and Dredd: Origins (titles really describe all you need to know). The Dredd / Batman collection is also a lot of fun too.

For a slightly more human view of Dredd’s world I’d recommend Judge Anderson: Shambala. Stories of life, love, religion and death in Mega City One all coupled with Arthur Ranson’s unparalleled art work.

a couple other recommendations outwith Dredd…

Defo: post English Civil War steampunk-ish zombie hunters. Lovely black and white art work and some real depth of research put into that period of history in the writing.

Zombo: about a government created zombie in a red thong. Hard to really describe beyond that other than saying it’s completely demented.

Shakara: Interplanetery vengeance tale. Artwork is stunning in black and white and occasional colour.

Loads of other stuff but I’ll leave it at that for now (and give others a chance to chime in too!).


Others? We can’t - you’ve already nailed the good stuff!

Well… Almost.

Nikolai Dante - An 11-volume epic that remains under-the-radar and criminally unappreciated. This does everything people say they want from comics - epic sweep? Check. Time passage and character growth? Check. Serious consequences? Check.

Alan Moore’s Future Shocks - You can’t tell a complete story in 8 pages! Oh no? Read this!

Brass Sun - A clockwork solar system, yep, you read it. Now just read the story to how see how they actually make this work.


Oh, how could I forget Button Man!!! Hitmen pitted against each other in a high stakes game to the death for the amusement of the rich. One man decides he wants out of the game… but it’s not as easy as just quitting. Arthur Ranson artwork again (for the most part).


For Dredd I always recommend the starting point of America, it’s pretty accessible and can stand alone.

For the classics it think the following encapsulate 2000ad’s tone over the years, you can’t get a proper feel for 2000ad without reading some Strontium Dog or Slaine.

Harry 20 on the High Rock (Alan Davis art)

The Ballad of Halo Jones (Alan Moore)

Button Man (Wagner & Ranson)

Cradlegrave (smith, who wrote Devlin Waugh)

Strontium Dog (Wagner & Alan Grant)
( I’d advise starting from the beginning and reading the 4 search/destroy files, followed by the Final Solution)

Slaine The Horned God
There’s been a lot of Slaine over the years, this gets to the core of it, plus it was the emergence of Bisley’s fully painted art.

Bad Company (Peter Milligan)

Nemesis The Warlock (Mills & early Kevin O’Neill)

Young Death (Wagner)

I don’t know if the full Marlon Shakespeare saga has ever been collected, it’s probably best to read all the others before Song of the Surfer in order to fully appreciate it

Nicolai Dante
Not sure how the collections work on this either, as I have only really read the weeklies, but someone else will be able to advise


Nicolai Dante is back in print. The first three have been reprinted in new editions and the remainder are still available in the previous printing (to the best of my knowledge).



To start - as I recently did - there’s this big huge jumbo 80-volume (eighty. not a misprint) set available volume by volumes, prog by prog.

Start with either #1 or #5. Like? Continue to get volumes. No like? I doubt it.


Just to clarify as it can be confusing. What Miqque has been reading is the Judge Dredd Case Files which reprint every story from the past.

There is also a Mega Collection partwork which is coming out from Hachette that reprinting classic stories out of order in hardback which should reach 80 volumes I think by the time it is done. The latter is only available in the UK.

I will once again blow the trumpet for Nikolai Dante, it’s an incredible epic of awesome proportions


I can only agree the above recommendations (particularly Nikolai Dante). Can I also suggest Stickleback by Ian Edginton and D’Israeli? It’s a Victorian adventure, steampunky type thing. And the art is absolutely beautiful.


Agree with everything so far. Some of my other personal faves are Savage by Mills/Adlard/Goddard, Kingdom by Abnett/Elson and The Red Seas by Edginton/Yeowell (entire series available digitally at the 2000ad online shop).


Dammit, Simon! Just … Just … DAMMIT!

Black Coat?


Ok Miqque…I can’t tell where that is a good or a bad thing… :confused:

It is pretty good though…and there is art even prettier than the page I pasted above. Everything but the most run has been published in two collections (England’s Glory and The Number of the Beast). It’s not a million miles away in tone from League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but very much it’s own thing as well.


I second Stickleback - now if they’d just release the next volume…


It’s a good thing. A good thing which may cost me money!

Y’know. Ergo, DAMMIT!

:moneybag: :money_with_wings:


I know what you mean…the old dilemma of “So much cool stuff, so little money.”


Well it has been going for 38 years, you tend to build up a supply of good stories in that time. Maybe a 2000ad version of Marvel Unlimited should be suggested.