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What would you put in a time capsule for this era?


A smartphone
A tablet
A newspaper headline about Obama’s presidency

What else?


An alx? :wink:


Viagra :smile:


A vial of Ebola and a suicide vest


A Tamagotchi.


Justin Bieber


The Kardashians and Kanye West…as a warning to future generations of what happens when you let stupidity breed.


Probably just internet porn.

Likea tb hard drive of the stuff.

In 1000 years, excited archaeologists would spend days trying to work out how to access what was inside only to discover their ancestors were basically creepos.


Bluetooth devices. Like a speaker or something.

Textbooks on history, physics, astronomy, psychology. “Up to date science”

A book on “unexplained stuff”.

A robotic vacuum cleaner.

A pack of smokes.

An up-to-date atlas.


Also human dna. Some post-y2k art.


Both Kim and Kanye each have at least one quite intelligent parent.


So what you’re saying is that they’re the result of nature vanquishing nurture. I can get behind that.


Speaking mathematically, they’re the negative result of a negative and a positive, so together as two negatives their kids will be positive.
Interesting. Unlikely but interesting,


Gwyneth Paltrow’s head.




And any other box related twenty year old movie references.


No, I don’t think they’re negative results at all.

And any other box related twenty year old movie references.

90s counts as this era still though, right?


I’d say no. I’ve always considered time capsules to represent the year the were closed rather than anything else.


Well, darn.

The blue/white/black/gold dress.

A Star Wars ticket stub.

A Trump bumper sticker.



We forgot to put the internet in the box!!


Some antibiotics. From when they still worked. Perhaps some entertainment and lifestyle magazines. So the survivors can see how concerned the general populace were pre extinction.


In that case, Donald Trump’s head.

(That’s what we call a win-win)


I was going to say the complete works of popular recording artist Taylor Swift, but that would be a bit redundant, wouldn’t it? Of course future generations are still listening to Taylor Swift, in the same way that the works of William Shakespeare and Richard Wagner are as popular today as they ever were.

We could put the Chief’s attempts at starting topics on the old board in there, they would show future generations what the internet was like when a lot of the people on it didn’t grow up with it.


If Tswift is this generation’s Wagner, who is this generation’s Shakespeare? is it a writer like King or a show runner like JJ abrams?