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What would you like a Superman movie to look like?


Simple question. What is the ideal Superman movie in your head?

His film record is fairly spotty, and while different films have their fans I can’t imagine any fan of the character has felt that their idea of a perfect Superman film has been realized. And I bet there are a lot of different ideas.

So what is it like? What kind of tone would you like to see? What kind of visuals? What kind of scenes would you like to see? What villain(s) would you like? Do you do the origin again? Is Krypto in it?

If you want to mention directors or cast members that’s fine but not required. There is however already a thread on the board for books you’d like to see adapted here, so don’t just say “Red Son” or “All Star Superman” or whatever.


In all honestly, Man of Steel comes pretty close. I don’t think I would kill Jonathan and possibly reduce the destruction a bit in the later part of the film. Though I can see why they did those things.


Kevin Smith already wrote the Superman movie I’d like to see.


Half-Spotlight, half-Fleischer short, and directed by Damien Chazelle please.


Definitely. Only the pre-John Peters notes version. :wink:

I actually kind of wish we lived in a world where we got the bizarro Tim Burton version. I think one of the problems with Superman is they have been too precious with him over the years in a way they have not been with Batman.


That was the one with a whole bunch of superheroes in it, right? Searching for it right now.


I actually thought about this a few years back and it can be summed up in one word:


Not just the feel of the film but in the nature of the character. I want him optimistic but not naive. No dark, dourness, brooding, angst or neck snapping. When everything is going to absolute shit, you turn to see Superman with a warm smile in his face and know everything is going to be all right. He will find the smartest solution and do everything he can to make sure no one dies. I want Superman to be loved and create hope, not feared and hated.

I want a Superman movie that makes me feel positive when it’s over.




I’m with Ronnie; Man of Steel is pretty close to how I’d start a Superman franchise. I’d tone down the violence at the end though and make Superman only kill Zod by throwing him off an ice cliff, with his mangled, destroyed and bloody body left off camera.


I’m with these smart gentlemen.
Just with a campier villain or Lex/Metallo next.


Of course, the script Kevin Smith ended up with wasn’t bad, either:


I’d just make that little neck snap look like an accident.

Look. Like. An accident!


I would prefer most superheroes remain at the level of urban legend for much longer. It just seems unnecessary for them to be applauded and loved by the people in the stories. It was one thing I miss from Spider-Man’s transition from the comics to the movies. It’s a much stronger dramatic approach if Parker is, for the most part, considered a dangerous vigilante by the city’s authorities and the Bugle, but we, the readers or audience, know that he’s really a hero because we see what he does.

Supergirl and The Flash television series does the “beloved hero of the city” stories pretty well, but they also play with the idea that the public can turn on you just as fast… except for the people you’ve actually helped. They know the truth like the viewers do.

So, really, I’d prefer a much less powerful, more Golden Age or early Byrne version of Superman who really is in costume and doing heroics only when needed and then quickly switches back to Kent before anyone can approach him. When he does have to go into action, he also should have to really go all out to succeed. It should be something only he can do and there is no guarantee he’ll succeed. I’m not such a big fan of the Silver Age level of power Superman in the movies has gotten. It’s like how King Kong and Godzilla just keep getting bigger until they are ridiculous. A less powerful Superman can keep things at something of a personal level and increase the dramatic tension.

As far as the comics, American Alien is the best approach I’ve seen to his origin story, and the last few issues would be a good model for a movie.


The Superman movie in my head is sort of like this:

Metropolis doesn’t exactly look like a real city. It’s fairly heavy art deco, and somewhat retro-futuristic. It galls me a bit that Tim Burton in 1989 has still made the best superhero city. Filmmakers today just shrug and they’re like “let’s use Chicago or Pittsburgh, or go for tax breaks in Albuquerque or London”. Nope. I’d love to see a city that feels real yet fantastic at the same time, showcasing the best of mankind, in a sense.

I want to see Superman perform incredible feats, the kind of thing we’ve never seen before. If he’s fighting Braniac on top of a burning building with 35 people in it, I want to see him rescue all 35 people while beating Braniac.

That said, I’d still want Lex the villain, but he’s always felt a little off in the movies. Eisenberg has been the closest, but he plays it too young and a bit too eccentric. Spacey was too sociopathic; Hackman too goofy. The brilliant narcissist who thinks he’s a huge philanthropist that should be adored is the classic portrayal, which has stood the test of time well; let’s not make into a used-car salesman, a psychopath, or weird legacy kid.

I want to see no overt religious allegory. It’s now fairly tired, in comics and on screen. If you want allegory, go with Superman as a stand-in for the classic American immigrant experience. It’s very timely (not just to America), and imo the most affecting allegory.

Superman is in a lot of ways the only hero whose motive is purely to help people. In some ways that is what makes him unique, and what pisses off his enemies. I’d love to see a superhero movie where that is the hero’s motive, and have it visually look like nothing we’ve seen before. Dump the Marvel, Nolan, Snyder, and Singer playbooks entirely and start anew.

This is all stuff that is not reinventing the wheel.




Clark and Supes as polar opposites in terms of confidence.

A proper Lois and Clark and Superman dynamic to return.

It should be inspirational in every aspect and the stakes should be as high as possible.

Supes and Lex should have to team up to save Earth against a superior force, but Lex should villain up at some stage but be defeated in some way by the hope Superman has inspired, not Superman himself.

It should set up a sequel with Mister Mxyzptlk.

In the sequel Mister Mxyzptlk should challenge Superman to a whole bunch of stuff, conning him into more and more outlandish tests. There would be entertaining difficulty in Superman juggling these tests with being Clark Kent. Mxyzptlk would eventually make it so difficult for Superman that the world becomes jeopardized by these games when he inadvertently creates Bizarro. Supes fights Bizarro after a build up of the tension and jeopardy for human life in these new raised stakes, in a massive set piece. Superman defeats bizarro but realizes the only way to stop mxytptlk’s out of control tests is to outsmart him. Superman saves the day in the sequel by using his brains, not his brawn. Unfortunately, the whole episode leads to Lobo showing up after the credits.

Much of the third film isn’t set on Earth, its set in space and it’s a buddy movie adventure romp across the stars. The latter half, back on earth sees Superman returning just in time to save the day against some new, mysterious intergalactic foes (at least to the characters)… leading to the first appearance of Darkseid. The next film Supeman will appear in is a Justice League movie.

I’m not asking for much.


Man of Steel comes close in many aspects, but I’d change some things. And I’d amp up the color :wink:


Wish the heart I could give this post took up the whole page :smiley:


Basically, I want all-star superman. Is that asking for so much?


I’m quite happy with MoS. I’m less happy about the whole decision of making BvS and still wish there had been a proper sequel instead… But hopefully Warner will let Snyder end up his Supes story with MoT: Man of Tomorrow… that’d be neat =P


This is a really interesting question as I think it’s kind of a personal question too. Superman has as many different interpretations as Batman - they’re two of the most malleable characters in fiction (maybe only Bond and Holmes are their equals). There’s lots of ways to go with him.

I do love MOS, mainly for the story of a boy becoming a king and accepting his fate. The whole first half of the movie is great, up until he comes out in the suit and flies for the first time. The Zod interactions just play a little wrong - it’s too easy for Clark to see them as the villains and it makes Superman look very very feeble. The movie should be 3 different fathers pulling the future king in different directions (and Superman becoming his own man, not what his fathers wanted). Zod didn’t act like a father, just a cheap panto menace. Clark his father die made sense in that it was his biggest test to remain hidden from the world, thinking he’s protecting humanity but honestly I wouldn’t put him in that position and in some ways it a terrible role model for young kids. It was a writers hole they put themselves in when they didn’t need to. It made Superman weak.

My Superman is the best big brother in the world. He doesn’t squeeze fence pipes and get mad when he’s pushed around by bullies, he just stands his ground and tells them not to be jerks. To be better than that. He doesn’t sneakily ruin a mans truck, he holds his hand before he pours the beer and tells him he should be better than he is. He doesn’t beat up a bully in a diner, doesn’t rage that he can’t play football with the other kids. He’s completely confident, completely in control and all he does is serve as an example of an excellent human being. In many ways Captain America is a better Superman than Superman.

My movie would have a very retro-modern Metropolis, a world that didn’t have 2 World Wars so it’s less dark. Countries get along better, buildings are more beautiful and ornate, things like blimps could be an actual thing. The world is more affluent. Crime shouldn’t be a big problem in Metropolis. It’s the Rome of the 21st century. And newspapers are noble and honest, rather than scraping by for sales or blogging about nonsense. Humanity is just better in part because Superman is there and he’s inspiring everyone to be better. Everyone loves him, and everyone thinks they could become like him - simply doing the right thing, quietly, without asking for adulation or reward, without any threat to bully or pressure - just standing firm and expecting you to behave like a good person.

The threat then is alien, and like a big brother Superman puts himself in harms way to protect those he loves. Brainiac is the most obvious choice, like the Borg he destroyed Krypton and he’s made his way to Earth. An ancient machine intent on destroying all life. Lex should only be in the shadows, and he should be the one who points out that humanity will live in the shadow of their big protective brother. He should love Superman, want to be him, but plot against him because he truly believes we won’t thrive under him.