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What would Starlight look like animated?


I’m hoping it would look something like this! I did the first image to try and create an old sci-fi novel vibe. I did the second one out of curiosity. I think I like the second one more now :stuck_out_tongue: Once the image is opened, click on it again to see it larger with better detail :smiley:


Pretty neato if you ask me.


Yeah, that looks fantastic! I love the whole design on this.


Great stuff as usual Curtis.


I love this, Curt!

PS How funny our Kindergarten Heroes movie now has a full, finished script and might even beat Starlight into cinemas??? :smile:



Glad you’re all liking it :smiley:

Mark, if I could go see Kindergarten Heroes with my little niece and nephew one week, then take my older nephews to see Starlight, that would be awesome!


Beautiful work!