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What would be a good title for this?


The premise:

When superhero Mr. Maximum learns his young ward Ms. Maximum had a fling with an older man, he enlists
the aid of his colleague Phantasm in identifying the mystery man. There’s just one problem: Phantasm
is the man in question. It’s BLAME IT ON RIO meets BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN


Secret Identities


Already been used:


Power Plays


Identity Secrets?


My Best Friends Girlfriend

Sorry not helping :rofl:


Trinity Of Love (A Close Shave Near The Bat Cave)

I get that for legal reasons you can’t use bat cave, but enter clever line of Phantasm hidey hole analog and you’re good!


That sound like a euphemism. I do hope that was intentional!


Shoot The Messenger


This is one option. It’d suggest that the May-December fling may not be the only secret.


Ah, you caught me!




Maximum Carnage

Wait, is that taken?

Power Struggle


Identity Secrets and Power Struggle are the best suggestions, so far.


What kind of book is it? Noir? Comedy?






Captain Cuckold


That might fit, if Ms. Maximum were his wife.


The Phantasm Menace