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What will the comic book hobby look like in 10 years?


I honestly wish comic shops had something similar to RSD.

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It makes a lot of sense, although it would turn into speculator day and quick ebay turnarounds (not necessarily a terrible thing).


That definitely happens with RSD.


If it takes up space unnecessarily it has no value to me. Give me digital everything.

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I need advice/feedback on the future of my comic, so thought this might be the thread for it. If not,I apologize. There are a lot of threads to look through, and it’s difficult with a 4 month old baby in my lap, and a 3 year old asking me to blow bubbles.
I wrote and drew a 32 page prologue to my comic in typical comic format. Then I began thinking it more likely my comic would only ever be seen digitally, so thought it would be cool to format it for the screens it would be seen on. I settled on a 16:9 aspect ratio, thinking it would give it more of a cinematic feel. Most pages are full screen, but occasionally will have panels. I only have done 6 pages like that so far, and now I can’t decide if this was a good idea, or if I should go back to the typical comic format.
Any thoughts?
Also, on an unrelated topic, is there a thread about books without pictures?


This may be what you are looking for:


Most folks are going to read digital on a tablet which is comic sized. Of course they could turn their tablet, but it’s current convention. I’d stick with what’s common rather than trying something new.

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Cool, thanks.

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Your probably right. Anyone have a differing opinion?


Mouse Guard did a different lay out to try to make it look different from the crowd on the shelves… I say try something new… everyone is trying to copy what the “industry” says should be done… some of the best books n history were done out of the norm of the day… dare to be different

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If you look at DC’s digital books you can play it both ways. They split the normal comic page in half at the middle so they can display in landscape format on a computer/phone screen and then combine two digital pages and print in a standard comic size.


Interesting. Now I need at least one more reply for a tiebreaker, haha.
I had considered the success of Mouse Guard as well. That book is gorgeous and I would love to read it one day. Did you know David Petersen has illustrated Wind in the Willows. Also looks great, but I just read that book to my daughter (with Robert Ingpen illustration’s) and found it mostly boring. Too poetic and descriptive, just tell me a damn story. Reading her Peter Pan now, and it’s actually awesome.
Anyhow, thanks for your thoughts.


That wold be very cool. Sounds tricksy though. I’ll definitely check it out and consider that possibility. To be honest I’m still stuck on getting my pages to come up full screen and to function more like a slideshow. May be the limitations of a free Wordpress account holding me back.


Yep. There are plenty of books that favour horizontal compositions - just look at most JHW3 or Yanick Paquette comics and you’ll see plenty of horizontal layouts.

Vaughan and Martin’s Private Eye - which has been a pretty big success in both the digital and physical realms - uses the landscape format. Frank Miller has also increasingly favoured it for his more recent long-form works like 300 and Holy Terror.

So there’s no reason not to go landscape format (even the fairly extreme 16:9 ratio) if you feel that suits the story better. But I think that’s the key metric, really: choose what works best for the story you are telling, rather than letting the tail wag the dog and having the format dictate the content.

Some of the best comics have been made when people experiment outside of the norm with that kind of thing.


And that really puts me off ever buying them in print. It seems like they’ve sacrificed interesting page and panel layouts. I do appreciate the widescreen format though since all of my digital reading is done on a laptop.

@JimOHara Surely asking tablet users to hold their device horizontally for the duration of the comic rather than vertically isn’t a big deal?

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Hey everyone, thanks for the great input in regards to how I should format my comic. I’m fairly new to this community and am loving it. You guys rock.
I think I’ll probably stick with the 16:9 aspect ratio, at least for now. Thanks for helping me out of my indecision, now I can move forward with a little more confidence.


Well the advantage of a computer, and mobiles devices up to some extent, is their versatility… So personally, I would just go wild and experiment… You have a whole screen to play with and as many pages & panels as you want. If you want people to read it on a mobile device, just make sure the text is readable, or scalable, or something =P

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Every book, most web pages and 99.9% of comics are laid out the same way. Personally I think the left-right storytelling format works better when the screen is less wide, it’s better for the eyes to flick left and right and then move down. As Dave says if the story calls for widescreen then do it, but I’ve only seen this aspect supported for something like childrens books or pages with lots of white space.

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I have to say that by and large I think this is probably true. Horizontal layouts can be a difficult read - even with masters like JHW3 - I think for exactly that reason: that your eye has to make a very long journey back from the right-hand edge of the page to the left.

If you pay enough attention to leading the eye around the page then it can work, but it probably makes it harder to ensure a smooth reading experience (especially if you’re going ultra-widescreen).

I guess one easy way to make it work is only having a single row of panels, so the reader never has to jump back from right to left, but that might be a bit limiting itself.

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Hmm, good points. Now I feel slightly unsure again, haha. Most of my pages won’t have any panels though, so the right to left thing won’t matter much. I was thinking it would look cool if the pages looked more like stills from a movie. Also, one problem I have with standard comic pages, is my scanner is too small. I’d have to photocopy to reduce, or scan elsewhere, but I really need to be doing this as free as possible. That being said, I would like to one day be doing this professionally, so maybe I should stick with the industry norm.
I’m curious to check out Vaughan’s Private Eye, which DaveWallace mentioned, so will do that now.