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What will the comic book hobby look like in 10 years?


I know it’s a bit of a guess really, but I’m interested in everyone’s thoughts on where the industry and hobby in general will be in a decade.

10 years ago we hadn’t had Iron Man (the movie) yet. There weren’t any superhero TV shows (I think). We’d seen success with the X Men, with Spiderman and Batman Begins was a year old. Now Marvel are the first franchise to hit 10 billion, and they have 3 of the top 10 grossing movies in history. We just watched Superman punch Batman. Plus there’s maybe 20 comic based TV shows now.

10 years ago a new event book called Civil War was released. It paved the way for Marvel domination in sales and took Marvel in new directions. We’ve had a DC reboot, Image taking over the graphic novel space and Walking Dead redefining what indie success looks like.

10 years ago Comixology didn’t exist. Now digital comics seem to have opened a whole new audience.

So put your thinking caps on. What don’t we see today that will be in place in 2026?


In the “Yeah Right” category:
Avengers v JLA movie

In the “Most Likely” category:
-X-Men becomes MCU property (and for the better)
-DC will release their version of the “Marvel Unlimited” app and it will be infinitely better and more popular.
-Ms Marvel will be MCU’s hottest property and the cornerstone of the universe (much like Stark/Cap is now)
-LCS will still be in decline as web based reading grows to become the standard


I can tell you in two words: Silent Comics.
32 blank pages with nothing but the characters name on the cover & the creators on the inside.
The kids of hipsters (Shilo & Phoenix) will eat them up with there “create your own tale” mentality. Here’s an example

  • Print will basically have vanished.
  • When the printing costs drop, accessing a new “issue” digitally will cost less.
  • Until costs drop significantly, the market for “comic books” will continue to dwindle.
  • There will be much closer linkage of episodic television and the drawn comics. Most f/x and costumes will be in the digital drawings.
  • Millar will still be yanking our chains about his next project with Quitely, even though Frank will have long become King of Scotland, King Neb the First, once Scotland has withdrawn from the U.K…
  • There will be at least five subscription channels, a combination of signal and streaming, dedicated to comics adaptations.
  • People will still be pissed at Zack Snyder.
  • Cosplay will become an Olympic sport.
  • I still won’t be published!


I’ll be running things.
Miqque can be my consigliere.


I’ll make 'em offers they can’t refuse!


The one thing I’m sure of is that comics will still be published in 10 years. Since the time I started collecting (circa 1970), people inside and outside the industry have been sounding the death-knell, but somehow comics have adapted to changes in distribution and raw costs and demographics and paper quality and on and on. And now they have become a major source of material for Hollywood and the small screen.

Who knows? In 10 years, 5 of the 10 Best Picture nominees may be based on a comic book.

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What price comic books? We're not made of money!

Ten years from now is so hard, I’m not sure what tech will look like, or really even what society will look like. I think the difference between 2016 and 2026 will be significantly greater than 2006 to 2016.

There will still be comics. I’m not sure there will still be floppies. In a way it’s pretty weird that a product designed for newsstands has basically outlived newsstands.

If I had to guess I’d say they migrate almost entirely to digital and you get them in a Netflix-type subscription model. And there will still be collected volumes in bookstores.


Way of the western!


Funnily enough I’ve just finished a conversation with Mart McFly, an ordinary time traveller from some 10 years hence. He said that after the great superhero crash of 2022, the market for caped adventurers bottomed out; People were weary of the same old same old being churned out. They wanted more variety in their books. Thankfully, the move from print to digital, especially all-you-can-eat subscription services, allowed lots of variety in the market, and several specific niches were catered for simply because they were able to find their audience that much more easily. Cyberpunk, retro-tech, slice-of-life, tentacle funtimes, rastafarian biker jazz beat popart books, even SUPERHEROES were able to find some people who would view them. But in addition to the big aggregators like Criminolology and Scribd, there were more indie comic book online distributors for the self-publishing bedroom artists. You know like Bandcamp today? He says there’s like “Comiccamp”, where people can self publish, sell their work on a pay-what-you-want or subscription basis, and readers can find all sorts of new and interesting stories to read and follow. I wanted to carry on discussing this with him, but he said someone had called him chicken and he needed to start a foodfight, so he bailed.


In ten years DC will celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Infinite Crisis with Return of Infinite Crisis, their fourth reboot in the decade. This reboot is nothing but 52 books about Batman and the Batman family and is wildly successful.




I’ve been involved with/ worked at/run a comic shop for 37 years now. Here’s some thoughts from behind the counter…

I genuinely don’t know why people do what they do.

They complain about crossovers, but buy them.
They say they will go digital, but then end up buying more physical copies, because they just have to own the book they’ve discovered.
They say they are too expensive, so they trim their list by 2 books, and add 5.
They say things like “this story/writer/artist sucks”, but keep buying it for a decade (and quit the title when sucky creator leaves).
They hate Marvel because it’s big, but buy mostly Marvel
They hate DC because it’s all Batman books, and buy all the Batman books.

Sometimes I think the comic market survives because it’s a great place to have a really good whinge and moan!

On a serious note - I actually think comics will have a struggle over the next ten years. They’ll probably survive it, but after that I can see monthlies as they are coming to an end. Quarterlies, “fat” monthlies, they might be the way to go, something like a 48 page Batman book with a couple of B-list character strips. Those lesser IPs have to be maintained somehow!

What price comic books? We're not made of money!

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I think it’ll be like it is now, just with flying cars.


I think you will all look at least ten years older, except for me and Bernadette, who will remain ever youthful.

And, ohhh… let’s say. Ronnie.



Is anything meant to happen now?

What price comic books? We're not made of money!