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What were the biggest comics of the late 90s?


We forget that as the Marvel explosion, the Image launch and their subsequent implosions harvested the seeds for the near collapse of the direct market between 94 and 95 there were some successes too.

The Ultimate line didn’t happen until august 2000, but Heroes Reborn and Chapter One slightly paved the way for that stuff. Does anyone have sales figures? How big were the Amalgam and DC Vs Marvel events? Kingdom Come did over 200,000 units if memory serves.

What else worked between 1995 and 2000 from a sales POV? I know there were a few good books creatively, but what really burned up the charts? I honestly can’t remember and was talking to a retailer pal about this yesterday afternoon, but could cite no examples. I’m not even entirely sure when Heroes Reborn happened!



This site is a good resource for that kind of stuff (picking 1998 as an example):

You can look at annual trends and also get monthly breakdowns with Diamond sales figures.

It seems like it was still quite an X-Men dominated market.


Thanks, Dave. That’s really interesting. I seem to be able to jump between months, but how do I jump between years?

That month in 98 I clicked on had more Image in the top 30 than DC and DC only having 3 books. Marvel really had such a group, those X-titles still gold. It’s incredible how long they stayed at the top, even in that deep late 90s recession.



It’s a bit clunky, but the bottom of each annual page has tabs for “to the past” and “to the future” which take you to the previous and following years.

It’s probably easier to just alter the URL manually and replace the year!


The index of all the months is here:

And summaries for each year are here:

The biggest comic of 1999 was Tomb Raider #1?


Just change the we address at the top from 1998 to another year is the simplest way.



Thanks, guys.

It makes fascinating reading. I always think of that period as a real creative lull, but some good stuff in there too. I think we’d maybe been spoiled by the previous few years where there had been unusually brilliant stuff running from the late 80s. It’s incredible to see what a stronghold Spawn held around 1996 on that top spot. You forget what an incredible force McFarlane is. The guy’s a real one-off.