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What was your favorite superhero movie in 2017, and why?

  • Lego Batman
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2
  • Logan
  • Wonder Woman
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming
  • Thor: Ragnarok
  • Justice League

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Captain Underpants or Power Rangers, depending on your definition of superhero film.
CU was a tightly done comedy with a great message, and Power Rangers was a deftly executed character driven team film that might have stumbled on balancing the action but overall was executed admirably.


Justice League by a mile


Thor. It entertained me from the beginning to the end, never dragged, and only left me wanting more. There were certain aspects I enjoyed more in the other films, but this was the most consistent for me.


Looking at that list laid out like that, it’s actually been a pretty good year for superhero movies.


It’s a choice that gets tougher every year. It’s great!


Yeah, I haven’t seen Justice League yet but all those others I would rate as solid at the very least, and some of them great.


For me it’s Guardians. Those are just the BEST characters, it’s well acted, you could spend ages with them. Plus it has a certain je ne sais quoi that other superhero movies don’t have. I believe that phrase is French for “Kurt fucking Russell.”

As I said in another thread, however, all of these movies were of roughly similar quality and all pretty good. I’d rank Justice League second, Thor third. Lego Batman last.

I do agree that Captain Underpants was stellar, if it counts.


Agreed in general, and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, but I think it’s hard to disagree that the sequences actually set on Ego dragged. Also, the threats to the rest of the Galaxy were pretty hoky. Oh no, blue blob!


Logan. My favorite character, portrayed by Jackman’s best performance yet. Dafne Keen does some of the best child acting I’ve ever seen. And the whole thing is a very moving portrait of trauma, abuse, failure, and hope. It’s not perfect, the farm slaughter sticks out as unnecessary, but when it’s good, which is for the majority of its runtime, it’s better than just about any other superhero movie ever.


I figure I’ll catch up around April. The one I’m really waiting for is Black Panther. Oh, and Justice League: The Rest of the Movie Ultimate Edition, of course.




Logan for me but I’m not finished yet

Still got Thor, Guardians and JL to watch


It’s funny. I was looking at that list of seven films, and hanging my head in despair. I’ve seen all of them, enjoyed some more the others, but I didn’t actually love any of them. Superheroes literally mean the world to me, and not one of those rocked my world. Sigh.

Power Rangers was fab, though. A lot better than it had any right to be.


So true. I only watched it at home, expecting just a stupid movie to watch in the background as I did some test grading, and I found myself actually enjoying it. I don’t feel like it was made for me, particularly, but it was really well-crafted!


I think that’s the main problem it has - they had no clear idea who they were aiming for. But it was much better than I expected it to be.


Yeah that is the flip side of what I said above. While I liked all of them I didn’t love any of them. I think that is the new status quo.


Aye, I think the closest I came to loving one of them was Power Rangers.
I didn’t quite know who to market to, teens or younger kids, but the teens were so well realized. It says something where even one character who gets maybe 5 minutes of focus total can still get an emotionally weighty character arc.


I picked Thor Ragnarok. The first Thor film was good, but not great. The second one (Dark World) is one of the weakest entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So there was a lot riding on this one, and the team hit on all cylinders this time.

Logan was probably a better film, but Thor Ragnarok was my favorite.


Wonder Woman
Are the standouy flicks for the Hall Household.

Spiderman was fun. But i didn’t pay for that so I cant count it.