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What story would you have told with "STAR WARS 7-9?


First off, I think GL got caught up in “pop culture” and people’s opinion of what he should do. Visually, he should haveemphasized text. e been like “Wu-Shu”, full of flips and


Boy, that got messed up. My question is one of CREATIVITY. If you think the new “STAR WARS” is a “rip off” of “A NEW HOPE”, what are some of the things you would do? I’d like to share ideas, be creative,…have fun?



Sith would fight with the “Wu-Shu” style you saw in the prequels.

Jedi would fight with the Kendo/Samurai style you saw in the original movies.

Any of you that have seen the movie “SWORD OF THE STRANGER”, have an idea of what I’m getting at.

The idea would be to meld the two visual styles in an attempt to fix the issue some have with the sabre fights looking so different.


This gets kinda tricky. My understanding is that many of the themes of the moves are repeating and this was international.

Should you honor this idea or not?

I say, “YES…to some degree”.

A) Should we blow up the Death Star again? No.

B) Should everyone be related in some way? No.

C) Should we be revisiting old characters? Absolutely!

D) Should we have pull from the tons of material that had already been written? Most certainly!

E) Should the first movie have been a “self contained story” that could stand alone? Only if you thought this was possibly the ONE and ONLY story you would tell. We would be going in knowing this was not the case. Note: “EMPIRE” was episodic.

Question is, what would you do?


Luke would be infected by an alien parasite try to take over the universe.

R2d2s kid would have to stop him.


A Sheev Christmas Carol


I would love to have seen the Droid Rebellion. Sentient entities that have been treated as slaves for centuries finally rise up and fight for equality. They are led by droid that has actually learned to use the Force!


Right on! Butler’s Jihad!

There was that comic short about a droid using the force, right? That was an idea with a lot of potential.


And the droid leading the rebellion renames himself “Tenyks”. :smiley:


I kind of feel that the first episode should be much darker.

I would have probably begun with Poe simply being captured in order to to discern New Republic defence plans. Rey owns Luke’s lightsabre but has no idea what it is but when Rylo Ken finds that out she does while he’s chasing Finn and Poe, all three must escape in The Falcon before bumping into Han. Now knowing about The First Order and a new Sith, Han, Chewie, Rey and Finn would go find Luke, while Poe goes to warn The New Republic. They find Luke in a cantina, an old has been with nothing to live for. They have to convince him to come with them.

Then I would have shown The First Order making its first appearances known to the New Republic, attacking its capital after they scoff at Poe. The resistance, I would have more as a guard against the remnants of the Empire that have barely been needed. Rey, Finn, Han, Luke and Chewie all return and join the fight along with Poe and the rest of the resistance/guard. The resistance/guard manage to beat back the First Order but many parts of the capital planet get badly destroyed. Rylo Ken reveals who he is to his father and then Han dies at his hands while saving Luke who tries to do an ‘Obi Wan’ and let Rylo Ken kill him in front of Rey. Luke and Ren fight. Ren gets the upperhand over Luke but is wounded and Rey intervenes, managing to chop off his hand. He escapes in a TIE.

Distraught, Luke takes Poe’s X-Wing and disappears. Rey, Finn and Poe are all commissioned with the thanks of the New Republic and Han Solo has a state funeral with a statue and all that. There is no set up for the next Episode, but we know the First Order has not been defeated and that Rey can use the force. Rey doesn’t need to be anyone’s daughter, we already had all the twists we need with the Ben/Han sequence.

That’s what I would have done anyway.


That sounds cool. You took the elements already present and molded it into a new form.

Another element I would play with is the Jedi training. It seems to me, in order to avoid being seduced by the dark side, Luke would emphasize the MENTAL aspects of the force. His thinking would be that teaching you to fight would be THE FINAL STEP in your training.

Sith would emphasize combat over everything else. The goal would be to “get out of your own way” mentally in order to tap into the dark side. You only need surrender to your basic instincts.

Body modification would be a focus too. Imagine if Darth Maul’s look was intentional and not a natural thing. Their intent is to scare/intimidate you. Thus, gain a psychological advantage.

What if your ability to tap into the force depends on FAITH. The less you trust it, the less you can access it. Like with vampires, the more faith the stronger that cross becomes. Less faith and that vampire can crush that cross and kill you. Fear would be a big issue. The more fear you have, the more you tend to relie on yourself. The more faith you have the more you trust in the force and the more energy you can tap into.

On the dark side, the more you surrender to your primal side, the easier it is to draw energy…
but in a lesser/more wasteful way (not as efficient, but way easier.)

Thus, sith would be more dangerous in combat. Unless, you were strong in faith. This could explain Ren getting “handled” in a fight.

Luke discovered allof this and thus had a “breakthrough” in the force…which I liked from the rumors.


The droid rebellion idea is great too! How well could he tap into the force? Did he have feeling? If so, how would you play that out? Dark side a factor?

Damn, I gotta “get my read in”…even if it ain’t recognized any more!!


WOW! I just realized, both the light and dark side depend on faith/reliance. One is in YOURSELF and the other is on something OUT SIDE of yourself. Which would you choose?


Thus wouldn’t have to necessarily be “spiritual”. The mediclorians could react to this. "…mind controls the body. Body thinks the mind is crazy.’


Obie Wan, despite how amped he seemed when in combat had complete faith in what the force could do. Thus, his “hype attitude” when fighting Maul in the first movie. He was “filled wit the…whatever”. And was not surrendered to the dark side. He knew the force was gonna help him “drop this dude!”


I don’t know if I’d want to see a movie that casts Luke, Leia, etc as slave owners, haha. (I figure it’s just in droids’ programming; their sense of self is predicated on service, rather than service being forced upon them to the detriment of self-fulfillment.)


Maybe they are against it, never thought about it. Once they did, the droids had a hard time believing them. Thus, the conflict. Think "MATRIX/ TERMINATOR and I ROBOT/ROBOCOP. All the confusion an stuff?! Great idea!


Interesting, in the Star Wars universe there are two different theologies, and we’ve only heard one of them explored in the films. Gary Kurtz talked about the origin of the idea of The Force:

At one time, the energy [of the Force] was all tied up in crystals, in the “Kaibur Crystal.” That was the source of the Force. But we had no time to deal with exposition about esoteric religion. What we were looking for was a simple handle on something that could be explained really quickly.

You know, when you’re out in the real world, religion is identified by handles. You’re either a Christian or a Muslim or a Jew or a Buddhist or Hindu. As soon as you say one of those words, you know what’s behind that, even if you haven’t studied any of those religions. You know kind of what that person might be like.

We wanted something like that with a religion that nobody’s ever heard of. So the idea of the Force is this energy thing. The fact that Ben Kenobi could say in one sentence pretty much what it was all about, and then we move on.

That’s how it got boiled down to practically nothing — and it worked much better that way, much better.

We did have long discussions about various religious philosophies, and how people related to them, and how we could simplify it. “May the Force be with you” came out of medieval Christianity, where “may God go with you” was a symbol that you would be safe. We wanted something as simple as that, an everyday expression that linked to the power of the Force that wasn’t overbearing.

However, you also had C3P0 often say things like “Thank the Maker” implying perhaps that as they were not living things, perhaps the droids had a spiritual alternative to it based on the droid inventor or the first self-created droid who may still exist by constantly replacing old parts with new or even as a fundamental self-aware program at the heart of every droid.

Of course, this gets very close to the religion of the Cylons of the new Battlestar Galactica. However, aside from droids, there are in canon examples in the prequels of humans who also believe in the Maker.

To be honest, I can’t criticize the concept for The Force Awakens too much as it is pretty perfectly designed to follow up the canon of the original series and does exactly what it set out to do - not for me, but for a whole banthaload of people.

However, I would have liked a religious war to emerge from the aftermath of the Star Wars and Fall of the Empire.



Peace did not follow the death of Emperor Palpatine. In the wake of the Empire’s fall, chaos reigns as planetary warlords and star system syndicates battled the weakened Republic for absolute power.

Disheartened by the pain and disorder his victories have caused, Luke Skywalker, the last Jedi, has left his family, friends and students to find if there is an answer to the Galaxy’s woes in the ancient teachings of Force mystics.

In his absence, a new threat has risen to impose its own solution. The Cult of the Maker follows a mysterious messiah who vows to bring peace, order and equality to all sentient beings, droid and living alike. The Maker’s fanatic army of zealots have captured the former Empire’s strongholds and overturned the power of the Galactic Senate.

Now, the Maker and his minions have declared the use of The Force to be a crime punishable by death.


Ships do battle against the serene backdrop of intergalactic space. Red and white Republic X-Wings and Y-wings are fighting and losing against squads of elegant silver Tie-fighters. A pair of Y-wings detach and drop away from the dogfight. One of them is hit and falls away from its partner, injured but not destroyed. The other manages to make it into hyperspace.



As you pull back from the scene, the edges of the star field curve as you realize this was all seen in reflection on the mirrored surface of a massive Star-Warship shaped like a pentagram. Each wing of the vessel is easily larger than a Star Destroyer.



Young REY ORGANA-SOLO, 15, sits in lotus position on the grass of her family’s courtyard. Wearing tight fitting white linen, she resembles her uncle Luke Skywalker far more than either of her parents. With her eyes closed, she uses the Force to levitate ceramic polygons so they form different patterns based on her state of mind.

LEIA(off): Rey!

Her concentration shattered, Rey’s tiles fall to the earth.

REY: Mother, please! This is hard enough without you shouting!

Leia Organa-Solo, former Princess, former Senator, former Rebel Alliance Spy and General, is now a full-time mother, and it is proving to be her most challenging role, yet.

LEIA: I’ve told you a thousand times, don’t use the Force outside the house.

REY: Technically, the courtyard is inside the house.

She motions to the estate surrounding them.

REY: See? Four walls.

Leia points up.

LEIA: Ever hear of satellites, dear? No roof!

Leia holds out her hand. Rey reluctantly takes it, and her mother leads her back to the house.

REY: Fine! I’ll never have time to get ready for the Jedi Academy.

LEIA: No one’s ever ready for the Jedi Academy, Rey.

REY: How would you know?

LEIA: Ask your brother next time you see him.


Mother and daughter enter an open living room with few walls and decorated something like a ranch house in Earth terms. Leia’s most trusted maid, VIRANNA, can be seen in the kitchen preparing odd looking vegetables for dinner.

VIRANNA: Leia, the market was able to find the hybrid kebroot you wanted.

LEIA: Best news I’ve heard all day, Viranna. Thank you!

VIRANNA: You’re welcome, Princess. I’m finally going to be able to make something half decent for a change.

LEIA: Sorry, Viranna, but one’s palate is the first thing to go when you marry a Corelian.

REY: Sometimes I think you don’t want me to go.

LEIA: No mother ever wants to see her children leave. However, in your case, there may be an exception to that rule.

REY: I’m serious. Don’t you want me to be a Jedi? Like Jacen? Like your brother? Like your father?

LEIA: Well, certainly not like Darth Vader.

REY: You know what I mean! Before that.

Leia relents and lets her anger fade.

LEIA: All these stories in your head, Rey. Real life wasn’t like that. I just want you to be safe and happy.

REY: Mother, were you ever happy when you were just safe?

Leia puts her hands on her girl’s shoulders.

LEIA: Rey, the way things are going, I don’t even know if there will still be a Jedi order.

REY: What do you mean?

Leia tries to explain, but the words do not come. Fortunately, a familiar voice breaks the awkward silence.

C3P0 (off): Pardon me, your highness.

The old bronze protocol droid seems as good as new as he addresses the mistress he’s served longer than any other.

LEIA: What is it, Threepio?

C3P0: Master Jacen has returned.

LEIA: What? Why?

REY: He’s not supposed to be back for another half-cycle.

C3P0: It’s bad news, I’m afraid.

Off Leia’s and Rey’s reactions-

					CUT TO:


Leia, Rey and C3P0 approach the landing pad as the Y-Wing from the first scene lands. The shuttle’s hatchway opens and JACEN SOLO rushes down the ramp. Tall and handsome, Jacen is an attractive combination of Han Solo’s swagger and Princess Leia’s dignity - unlike his younger sister who seems to have gotten a double dose of impetuousness from both of them.

The young man’s face is a mask of tension as his Jedi training attempts to tone down his anxiety and anger.

LEIA: Jacen!

She runs to her son and they embrace.

JACEN: We have to get you out of here! Off world. The Maker’s forces are already in the system!

LEIA: Where’s your father?

JACEN: I – I don’t know. His ship was hit in the attack. We lost contact.


JACEN: Mother, if he were dead, I would know it. I will find him. Right now, we have to get you and Rey to a safe location.

C3P0: Might I come along, sir?

LEIA: I’m not leaving. Take Rey.

REY: No! I’m staying, too!

LEIA: Rey-

REY: I want to fight.

LEIA: There is no fighting this, Rey!

JACEN: She’s right. There are too many of them and they have too much firepower. They’ve occupied the Senate. The Jedi order is going into hiding. We need time to put together a counter-attack.

REY: Then why are you staying?

LEIA: To make them come to me. It will give you both time to get away.

Rey’s anger is replaced by fear for her mother.

REY: But – what will they do to you?

Leia pulls her daughter to her, tightly but briefly. Then she pushes her into her son’s arms.


JACEN: Mother, are you sure?


She doesn’t turn around. Instead, she straightens up and starts walking back to her home.

Jacen pulls Rey with him back to the shuttle.

REY: Mother!

She struggles but has no chance against a fully trained Jedi.

REY: Mother! No! Let me go! No!

C3P0 watches Jacen drag his sister into the ship. He turns and watches Leia walk away. He turn back to the ship, pauses.

Then he emits an electronic sigh and shuffles toward the house and his mistress.

Behind him, the ship rises from the landing pad.


Rey pounds on the portal as she looks down on her home. She has no idea if she will ever see it or her mother again.

REY: How could you?! Jacen! Look at me! You know what’s coming for her! How could you leave our mother back there?!

Rey collapses into her seat and sobs.

JACEN: Because she was right.

His face is impassive except for the muscles of his jaw pulsing as he grits his teeth.



The Sun above the Organa-Solo estate is eclipsed by the Maker’s Star-shaped Warship.



A squad of Maker troopers cross the landing pad and head in formation toward Leia’s home. They look like stormtroopers, but their armor is mirrored chrome like their Warship.

Blaster rifles raised, two troopers flank the door to the home as the others cover them. One trooper approaches with a power-assisted battering ram. Before he can knock the door down, they here motion on the other side.

The door opens, and C3P0 greets them.

C3P0: Please come in, gentlemen, we’ve been expecting you.

The troopers grab the droid and pull him outside.

C3P0: Really! This is quite unnecessary!

Leaving C3P0 with a pair of troopers, the others file into the house ready to fire.


Princess Leia and Viranna sit at the dining table filled with dishes for a proper Alderaanian meal. They don’t seem at all surprised by the armed men invading their home.

Finally, Leia looks up from her plate.

LEIA: Any of you hungry? There’s plenty left.

The troopers look at each other unsure how to respond. Their leader speaks into a communicator on his wrist.

TROOP LEADER: Sir, Princess Organa is secured.

LEIA: Organa-Solo, if you don’t mind.

A moment later, her expression changes as she hears heavy footfalls approach across her wooden floor. She looks up at the massive figure of the trooper’s commander.

LEIA: Now that’s just in poor taste.

A figure wearing the armor and cloak of Darth Vader stands across the table from Leia. However, his armor appears to be made from polished gold.

VADER 2.0: Take them to my ship.

The armor may have changed, but the voice is exactly the same.

Leia keeps her eyes fearlessly on the commander as his men come around the table for her.


If I had to write it, I think I would have written something on a smaller scale. In ep 7 we’re thrust right back into the Big War, basically it’s Empire vs Rebels all over again, even though we thought that battle was over.


Haven’t watched the new one, so I can’t comment on that.

But, generally, what I like is ‘new’. My main trepidation with the trailers and press for the new movie was that it all traded on nostalgia for the old ones. Early reviews seemed to indicate that the film did the same – that it focused on characters and worlds and set pieces already established, rather than establishing, and making you care about, new ones.

That is, to me, a big mistake. Not because it doesn’t work - it very clearly does - but because it’s creatively small minded, I find it boring. (again, I’m not speaking to the actual film, which I haven’t seen, just the tendency of that approach, which I have seen very often in comics and film franchises).

Star Wars, the originals, is this very basic story, with these very basic character archetypes. I see no reason to go to those exact wells again, because they were never a particularly great, or unique, strength. It was the novelty of scale and technique that marked out Star Wars, and its accessibility, its mythical sensibility.

I like the notion of a Storm Trooper having a crisis of conscience. I think that’s a brilliant use of the world to do something new. And that’s what I’d like the whole movie to be about – just establishing these characters that exist in this greater world, create new worlds and new characters within this massive context. A universe plunged into chaos, into disordered horror after the fall of an empire that kept peace.

You know, there’s this sense in 300 that the Persian army was this horrible, bestial thing, crushing ‘the little guy’. Nevermind that the Persian empire was actually an incredible force of culture and art and technology and healing.

In the wake of the death of the ordering force of the known universe, planets groping painfully for how to govern themselves. What does that look like? What NEW horrors have arisen? What old horrors were held back by the Empire – and perhaps the Jedi Order before them. There was an unbroken line of ‘caretaking’, and now that it’s shattered old things come out, powerful new things spread the continental span of their wings.

So I don’t know. But I know that most old star wars stuff would be easter eggs, additive rather than central.


It is true. Now, as mentioned before, the original trilogy was far from “original” in its concept. Lucas and Kurtz were very much selling nostalgia in that film as well in the form of the sort of stories they saw in Flash Gordon movie serials, Errol Flynn swashbuckling adventures and John Ford westerns. Being produced in the middle of a wave of new cinema like The Godfather films and Taxi Driver, the studio and even the actors auditioning really didn’t get it. But the audience did.

Same this time, only this Star Wars film is harkening back to that Star Wars movie - not really to the movies it referenced, so it is a little incestuous, but that is the nature of intellectual property - keep the attention on properties you own. Because the real innovation of Star Wars was the merchandising angle.