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What song expresses how you're feeling RIGHT NOW?


The song can be literal or maybe the tone captures your mood.

As our our moods change, so does the soundtrack of our life so express how you feel WHENEVER through song.

Right now, this one captures my mood:



Listening to, reflects mood, which is complex and you don’t wanna ask!

(It’s good, though!)

Blue Oyster Cult (pls add umlauts): “Joan Crawford (Has Risen From the Grave)”



I’m covered in dust, working on renovating a house. So I’ve gone for a literal approach:




With the new YT look, these danged things need TITLES!!!

Me fix mine above. As for right now?

posted this before (it’s also stuck in me head and seems to be all over the places I’ve traveled)

Joe Bonamassa - Just Got Paid / Dazed and Confused

Since the bulk of the tune does not apply, it is the latter. :coffee:




I read a really depressing and horrifying article at Cracked about child molesters on the Deep Web so I’m kind of here at the moment:


Dude, don’t read stuff like that. Do you need Shiny Happy People in your life?


Seriously, it was a good article. As you are a parent, I would recommend giving it a read. There’s a reason they’re called predators.

As the song recommendation, fuck REM. I’ll go with Zep. This is the pick-me-up that I need:


“Wig In A Box” From “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”


Kendrick Lamar - Alright


The lyrics are Isaiah 25:8,9 "…and the LORD … shall wipe the tears off every face, and the shame of His people He shall remove from upon the entire earth: And they shall say on that day, “Behold, this
is our God… this is the LORD; we hoped for him; let us rejoice and be happy with His salvation.”




Pearl Jam: “Even Flow” (Vocal Track Only)


With all the history being made this week, especially today, this expresses my internal happy-dance pretty well: