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What should I be reading?

What is the one comic from each company you feel everyone should know about and read? Just one comic per company, big two and independent. And on going or mini, but not both.


My pull is pretty short but here’s two I’ll rec for any of y’all:

Dastardly & Muttley is probably the strongest Lovecraft homage this side of Providence. It’s mostly flown under the radar but ends next week.

Stray Bullets has morphed into a mind-bending crime odyssey. If you like Tarantino or Early-Coens, it’s for you.

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DC: Superman
Marvel: Captain America
Image: Kick-Ass (upcoming)


Image: Mirror, by Emma Rios & Hwei Lim - One of the smartest, prettiest, and most meaningful sci-fi comics I’ve read in the last 5-10 years.

Dark Horse: Black Hammer, by Dean Ormston & Jeff Lemire - Early Twin Peaks meets superheroes. Moody and full of miserable characters who you love anyway.

Marvel: Black Bolt, by Saladin Ahmed & Christian Ward - Great fish out of water set up–Black Bolt, a king, in prison–with vibrant, colorful artwork and great use of the Absorbing Man as one of Black Bolt’s prison buddies.

DC: Doom Patrol, by Nick Derington & Gerard Way - Some of the coolest, most distinctive superhero art being published today. Way’s scripting knows how to let it shine.

Bergen Street Press: Copra, by Michel Fiffe - The best superhero comic on the stands. Fiffe takes analogue characters and makes them his own with a style unlike any other.


Image: Savage Dragon

Dark Horse: BPRD

Scout: Smoketown

D.C.: WildStorm


DC: Mr. Miracle.

Marvel: Darth Vader.

Image: Lazarus.

AfterShock: Shipwreck.

Dinamite: The Shadow


This goes on the to-buy list, cheers. It looks amazing.


I remember you saying you dropped it early in the run, but The Wild Storm, seriously. Get it in trades instead of singles, it’s a fantastic read in that format


I’ll try and stick to current runs/minis or something that has only recently finished

Detective Comics
This is now turning into one of my favourite batman related runs of all time. James Tynion IV has been steadily gathering a reputation as one of the best writers in the business, both in his creator owned books and his DC mainstream work.
If you have love for the extended Bat-Family then this is where to go to get your fix as Tynion deftly shines the spotlight across a massive array of characters and manages to do so while delivering some of the best characterisation of any mainstream book in years - something that is very hard to pull off in a team book.
If you have love for some of the classic 90s runs of Batman this will be right up your alley and Tynion is supported by a fantastic art team who have not dropped a ball yet.
Has established itself as one of my favourite books from any publisher.

Punisher: The Platoon

Ennis and Parlov dreamteam take Frank back to Vietnam in a series of flashbacks as his old platoon are being interviewed about events that transpired under his fledgling leadership.

Ennis has put a great deal of thought into this and I have no doubt that at least part of it is based on real events during Vietnam.
The depth of knowledge displayed by Ennis is really impressive as is his clear affection for Frank Castle. This provides some fascinating insight into the man before he become the vigilante known as the Punisher.
Only one issue left which is a real bummer.

Tynion’s The Woods is wrapping up now, and although it has never quite reached the quality of the first couple of volumes, this has been an epic series and i plan to do a re-read when ye final volume arrives, which is immanent, to see if it really is a diminishing return or it’s a case of lost momentum as I forget stuff between the gap of each volume coming out.

Kid Lobotomy by Peter Milligan and Tess Fowler shows the pale imitators how it’s done.

It’s probably still Southern Bastards but it’s losing marks from me because of the massive delays between issues/volumes.
So I’m going to go with Seven to Eternity from Rick Remender and Jerome Opena.
I don’t even know how to sum it up, but it’s some of the best sci-fi/fantasy I’ve read and as can be expected by Rick Remender, who is one of the best writers in comics, it is multi layered.
I could have actually have gone for any one of Remenders current books at Image; Low, Deadly Class & Black Science are all incredibly strong, with amazing artwork. I don’t know how he does it but he’s paired himself with the some of the best artists in the industry over the course of the past 5 years - Scalera, Craig, Murphy, Tocchini, & Opena - and they’ve all been such a spot on, important match for the books that it’s impossible to imagine them illustrated by other creators.

The one downside is that James Herron’s 2 issues of Seven to Eternity are really jarring and do disrupt the flow of the book slightly.

I was tempted to go with Babyteeth, the horror ongoing from Donnie Cates but I need to be true to myself and recommend Jimmy’s Bastards, another Ennis book, with the superb Russ Bruan on art.
The basic concept is, with all the shagging James Bond has done, he must have illegitimate kids all over the world right?
And what happens when they all get together to catch up with daddy.
Special guest appearance from Idi Aminz
I believe this is a limited 10 or 12 issue series, the first volume with the first half is out now.

If you have ever read Dan Dare and have any sort of understanding of the character and the Mekon then you need to pick up Peter Milligan’s continuation of the Dan Dare storyline. It’s such a good idea, very much in the right tone of the classic Dare comics, but revolving round a very neat little idea that works very well and it’s all very well paced as the tension builds.
I think they are bringing this out in volumes of 5 issues at a time with a gap between, which I think is suitable for the nature of this story.

Imaginary Fiends from Tim Seeley is a great and nasty little 6 issue horror series.


Forgot about this - this should also be on my list

Although I thought the Sherlock Frankenstein mini was probably a bit needless in the end

I read very few comics compared to some of you but here is what I would say:

Marvel: Daredevil. I didn’t know what to think of Soule’s run at first, as it started off with a jarring turn of tone from Waid, but the longer it goes the richer it gets, drawing you deeper into the world and pulling the themes and plot points together in unexpected ways.

DC: Batman. Honestly much of what I said about Daredevil above applies here. This is the case for long-form storytelling.

Image: I will go with the The Goddamned here, assuming more comes along. While I’m not a religious guy I do like Biblical stories, particularly this kind of wild imagining of the Old Testament. It’s pretty grim but I hope we get a lot more of it.

Dark Horse: Black Hammer. The hype about this book is true, although it takes a few issues to settle in. It’s a nice imagining of familiar tropes.


Image - Either The Wicked + The Divine or Extremity.

WicDiv is one of the best things I’ve read for a long time. A throughly engaging story with intelligently constructed characters who have believable flaws. A great conspiracy and numerous unseen twists along the way.

Extremity initially appears to be a standard take of revenge but the further in you get the more the characters find their motivations and ideals challenged. It is a really engaging read with great art and a wonderful post apocalyptic / avatar / sci-fi fantasy world.

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These books aren’t going to be for everyone, but they’re some of my favourites:

DC - Detective Comics

Marvel - Defenders

Image - Rumble

Dark Horse - BPRD

IDW - Ragnarok

Dynamite - James Bond


DC - Everything Metal
Image - Seven to Eternity

If you can find the complete collection for a good price, Metabarons is some of the most insane, balls-to-the-wall SF spectacle you will ever read.


Ragnarok by Walt Simonson.

It also reminded me how great his THOR and ORION runs were, so I picked up those collections as well.

Essentially, though, I really enjoy how he brings this Norse ideal of the post-apocalyptic world to life.

Similarly, if you like Ragnarok or books like it, then pick up RUMBLE by John Arcudi & James Harren. Arcudi, I think, is up there with Willingham and Wagner as classic creators from the independent comics days. Also, you’d probably enjoy the recent French run of Elric comics.


As far as I know Titan only translated 2 of the new Elric volumes then stopped - bloody irritating, but they’ve got previous form for doing that crap.

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People can always learn French. That might come in useful in other ways, too.

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I’m struck but how little consensus there is in this thread! I was expecting one or two clear winners, at least.

I’m confused as to whether we mean current titles or all-time.