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What rare comics do YOU own?


Thought this would be a fun topic for people on the boards. I actually bought a rare comic series the other day, Marvel STILL hasn’t reprinted it yet, hopefully soon.

It’s Miracle Man Apocrypha!


Don’t know if it’s “rare” but I picked up a New Mutants #98 about 7 years ago that’s probably now going for a lot more than I paid for it given all the love Deadpool has seen over the last few years.


I have no idea if it is “rare” but I have the three issues of Snowman: 1944 which is as far as it got before being cancelled.
Got them in a huge pile of comics from a charity shop for £5.


I have The Punisher #2-#9 that I bought when they came out in 1988 (I think), but the rarest comic I have has only had 2 copies printed,

One copy is safely in the hands of the government. :wink:


Dude that comic is really sought after!


It kinda depends what is classed as rare really.

I have a few copies of both 2000ad # 1 and 2000ad # 2 which has the first appearance of Judge Dredd, plus the banned 4 issues that featured spoofs of McDonalds and the Jolly Green Giant etc, however they may have devalued now that they are allowed to reprint them.

I have a few Vertigo and pre Vertigo #1’s, including Preacher, Sandman & Y The Last Man which have gone up in value a fair bit in recent years. Others like Hellblazer, The Invisibles and iZombie # 1 are still pretty easy tot get hold of.


Huh, I have New Mutants 98 somewhere in a box in my parents’ house


Do you buy, sell, or hold?


For rare comics I just hold them :)grin:


I pretty much sell everything now unless I it has serious sentimental value for me.
I will never sell my 2000ad collection, however maybe sell a copy of the 2 first issues further down the line.

I’m planning on selling my full Saga and Batman runs soon, which I should get a couple hundred quid for. I’ll never read them again so it’s just taking up space, although I might buy Saga again when it’s finished, in trade.


Sentimental value all the way, I have the first part to Alan Moore’s whatever happen to the man of tomorrow, never will that up.


I have the silver cover Spider-Man #1. I thought it was worth something, I think it was at some point but just Googled it and Midtown Comics are selling it for $6.03. :smiley:

I have all the Eclipse Miracleman run including Apocrypha (as well as the original stories in Warrior Magazine). I wish I had bought 50 issues of The Walking Dead when it came out.

The Marvel UK 80s stuff is interesting, Daredevils magazine was full of extras and articles by Alan Moore including the Frank Miller parody Dourdevil that you can find online but has never been reprinted as far as I know. He did fanzine reviews, including one of the first issues of Viz Comic (which went on a few years later to sell 1.5m copies a month). Zoids by Grant Morrison has never been reprinted as far as I know.


I have Amazing Fantasy #16.


Got Apocraypha. Got the first printing of LOEG vol 1 #5 which was pulped and reprinted.


I had the first five issues of Kirby’s The Eternals, but except for issue #4 (or was it #5) they got ruined in a flood, along with the rest of my comics.


Don’t know about how rare it is, but that’s me now got all of the Trenchcoat Brigade, and with it, the guts of all of Hellblazer. Works for me.

Got the issues of V for Vendetta as well, signed by David Lloyd.


I also have Wolverine #1, but I’m not sure what happened to it in the flood.


You mean the not rare at all one from 1995?


Not really rare ones, but got some worth a couple of quid,
Got Detective #359 introduction of Batgirl, full run of Wolverine from #1, got a full run of Daredevil from Smiths Guardian Devil to current, full Ultimate Spider-Man run complete, Ennis’ complete Punisher run, 3 first print Killing Joke, 1 signed by Alan Moore, East of West #1 signed and graded, Sub Mariner #1, Avengers #39, Amazing Spider-Man #200, Green Lantern #57, Fantastic Four #41, Xmen #61, Daredevil #37, Nick Fury Agent of Shield #6 signed by Steranko, So many others, I’m boring myself now so I’ll leave it there.


No rare comics, I do have some rare trades.