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What online multiplayer games do you play?


First of all, I hope I picked the right category for this. If not, then mods, please change.

Secondly, I’m really into just a few online games, but I play them passionately. I play several different versions of Sid Meir’s Civilization games and Sims games on my computer. On my phone and tablet I play Dominations a lot. I used to be into Game of War but it got to be too much work. I’m curious if there are any Millarworlders who are into those games or others. I know very few people in my circle of friends and family who play them, so some crossover between them and people who share my other interests, like this forum, would be awesome.

I’m also looking for some good recommendations. I’ve tried Clash of clans, most of the Marvel online games, as well as many of the most popular games, but I would really like to find a “new” game that hasn’t been around forever that I could master. Most of the new ones are Game of War clones, and if I wanted to play that, I’d play it. I do like world-building strategy games. Not too into one-on-one battle games anymore. My hand-eye coordination really sucks lately, LOL.

So anyway, I thought this would be a good place to talk about those games and make recommendations, if anyone is interested . . .