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What non-comics are you reading these days?


As soon as my daughter finished she wanted to read it again. :slight_smile:

She loved spotting the title phrase whenever it came up.


The Essential Rumi, in the translation of Coleman Barks. An incredible poet, it almost reads like modern poetry but he was from 13th century Persia.


Finished the Foundation trilogy. I’m really glad I stuck with it, after the slow start.


I’m reading Ready Player One, which I suppose will become an increasingly popular choice as we move closer to the release of the film. Admittedly I’ve barely started but I’m enjoying it a lot. I have little to no reverence for eighties nostalgia (some of the films sure, but I don’t care about anything else besides a bunch of comics that I doubt are going to be mentioned) so we’ll see if that ever wears thin.

Reading this before Neuromancer does seem like a minor offence on my part, but Gibson will be next. I promise!


I love both books. Have you read Snow Crash? If you’re still craving cyberpunk when you’re done with those two, you should give it a try.


I haven’t, no. Snow Crash obviously has quite a reputation so I do intend to pick it up. I want to read DADoES before Blade Runner 2049 comes out though. I’m not sure if I’ll manage that.


There’s not a lot of similarity between the two. So I wouldn’t worry too much.


I really enjoyed the satire in Snow Crash. It was far funnier than Gibsons books.


Gibson is much more noir.


Definitely but I still feel like there is a fair amount of satire in his books. Virtual Light has tons of it.


This is the point where I generally badmouth Snow Crash. I didn’t enjoy that book at all.


I didn’t enjoy this post at all. :wink:


Yes, but you liked Snow Crash, so your opinion is suspect.


I’m currently reading Arrival (previously known as Story of Your Life and Others) and it’s fucking with me a bit. Seriously good stuff but a bit unnerving.


After watching the movie, the anthology with the story in it went on the list of books to keep an eye out for


I think you would enjoy it. Story of Your Life is up next. Just read Division by Zero last night before bed and it’s kind of haunting me.


The contrast between the short story and the film is really interesting; the film’s writers made some specific choices that change some of the tone of the core dilemma a bit (notably the age of Louise’s daughter when she dies) but (and this is probably the most genius thing about it), the short story only really works as a written text, while the film takes that and twists it around in a slightly different way to make it work as a film.

And they’re both superb.


I loved the film. I thought it was about the choices we make even when we know there will be pain mixed with the joy. My wife and I just held each others’ hands and cried a bit at the end of the film. So I’m looking forward to the short story.


I think that the death of her daughter was made a lot stronger in the film. Man, I love that movie. The short story was good as well of course. I just think it’s a great example of an adaptation done right.


I read the book A Monster Calls before seeing the movie. Both versions killed me. Same with Silence. I like when really good stories are made into movies. So I will probably have to read Story of Your Life at some point.