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What non-comics are you reading these days?


The thing to remember is that Casino Royale is very much Bond’s origin story, it transforms him to the man he’s going to be. Vesper’s betrayal really codifies his misogny.

What I always liked about the literary Bond is that he’s not an unstoppable killing machine, but rather a man who refuses to quit. No matter how hurt and wounded he gets he’ll just keep coming until the mission is complete, though that will weight on his both physically and mentally afterwards. The only way to stop him is to kill him. Dr. No, while not a particularly good book, really drives home this idea since it’s main point is to re-establish Bond’s faith in himself after he nearly dies on a mission.


You should watch the video for their explanation. One of the theories is that the weakness is on purpose. :wink:


The books actually.

My favourites of the movies are From Russia With Love, The Spy who Loved me, Casino Royale and Skyfall.

I quite like OHMSS the movie. Lazenby wasn’t brilliant as Bond, but he had a few great moments. He has that bit after escaping Piz Gloria when Blofeld’s men are closing in. He has a look of desperation that Connery never would have managed. It is just such an odd vulnerable moment.

I also think that the cast around Lazenby are superb and the cinematography and the music are some of the best in the series.


Diana Rigg, man. Diana Rigg


Yeah, I get the idea. Probably it’s one of the main reason for my dislike. The first time I watched it, I felt it’s not Bond movie at all. And TV station is partially the reason for blame. The music, especially during opening credits is very cool, though.

Of movies I like Goldfinger, Goldeneye, Live and Let Die, A View to a Kill, Thunderball and The Living Daylights.

I told my Dad yesterday: “Bond in books is much different than in movies”. He answered:“ofcourse. It is not the books that made him so popular”. Not sure if he is right, or not. These books were bestsellers.

Raymond Chandler said about Bond:“the men want to be him. Women want to be with him”. Not sure if I can agree with the second part. As for men, well…very much so I agree, unless it demands for your privates to be “roughly scratched”.


What ever happens between consenting adults behind closed doors is cool with me :smiley:


Is that where the term ‘bondage’ comes from?


I think that it is a question of reach. The movies were and are huge hits worldwide. There is some bizarre statistic about the percentage of people in the world who have seen a James Bond movie. I can’t remember what it was, but it was pretty huge.

Even people who don’t know the movies, know the image of a guy in a tuxedo, with a gun.

It is equivalent to something like Batman or the Avengers. The movies are huge, but it doesn’t necessarily equate to the number of people who read the comics.

Edit: A Google search tells me that approximately half the world’s population are estimated to have seen a James Bond movie.


Hm, I read that Fleming had affair with married woman, later they got married. They were into SM stuff. But, that scene, is Fleming’s words, watered down version of torture technique that Nazis used on Allied agents.


Probably a good time to mention that OHMSS is probably one of the most precise adaptations, not just Fleming, but book-to-film. Maybe you’ll like the book better without Lazenby or Savalas, but Diana Rigg done imprinted herself.


Does anyone here know of any good anthology magazines or online publications for horror/dark fantasy short stories? I want to submit some stories I’ve been working on and haven’t come up with a ton of promising leads. (A lot of the ones I’ve found have low maximum word counts and/or are looking for themed stories rather than general submissions.)


Shit, there’s someone in the SF/F community who maintains an index of active genre fiction anthologies. I’m sure their work has been covered on File770 but I can’t remember their name right now.


A birthday prezzie from my parents that I read last weekend:

Like a few other stories - cracking Enigma, inventing radar - this all happened in spite of the British Establishment, who, in this case, saw such pursuits as being beneath them, for they were gentlemen. I suppose it’s no surprise that I disagree point blank, for war is not waged by the Queensbury Rules!

It also turned out that the sabotage experts made major contributions - the limpet mine, commando knife to give but two. The crowning glories were in relation to D-Day and terminally screwing over the atomic bomb research. (And, given what that last one involved, it really ought to be a film by now, but the mission was done by trained Norwegians only, who’s going to care about those guys?)

What’s of more importance is a load of very senior and petty individuals sought to erase all tracks of this unit’s activities but they did a poor job, thus Milton was able to piece it together.


The only horror magazine that I know of that is still in publication is Cemetery Dance.


If you can remember please let me know :slight_smile: (did some searching on File 770 and couldn’t find anything)

I looked at them but they’re closed for unsolicited submissions right now. Hopefully they’ll reopen soon, though.


Unfortunately, Something Wicked is closed for submissions at the moment, so keep an eye on the website.


Try the horror writers association website. I’m sure they have a list of publications that accept submissions.


Thanks, guys!



Oh, cool.