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What non-comics are you reading these days?


The first chapter of Andy Weir’s upcoming new novel, Artemis is available to read here:


Are there any actual martians in this one?


Don’t think so. As I remember it’s about a “moon heist.”


‘Moon Heist’ is a much better name than Artemis. I bet he’s kicking himself now.


Robinson Crusoe.

Spoiler: He gets off the island in the end.

While there are some clever parts, 80% of the book is a boring slog. I’m afraid I can’t recommend it, except for the snob value of telling everyone that you’ve read it the next time a bad adaption comes on TV (and of course you’ll have to pretend the book was better).


There is only one TV adaptation: Les Aventures de Robinson Crusoe (1964), which has the best soundtrack ever. Ever.


Read “A Journal of the Plague Year”! That one is great!



The Chinese novel? I’m using the Jenner Translation.


Nice try but that’s not a patch on Robert Mellin.

We Brits were so lucky to have Mellin’s version of the soundtrack, composed especially for the English dub. Georges van Parys’s soundtrack for the French/German original is very ordinary.


I’m still working my way through a pile of SF Masterworks books on the Kindle. Currently reading Random Acts of Senseless Violence by Jack Womack. Not really sci-fi, more like “what if?” near future. Reads really weirdly as the book takes the form of a 12 year old girl writing in her diary describing the civil unrest, widespread unemployment and depression sweeping the US and how it affects her family. I’m not entirely sure if I’m enjoying it. It’s a fairly easy read with the simplistic 12 year old singsong style but the crushing sense that it not going to end well is pretty claustrophobic. The whole set up and feeling of simmering unrest is a bit too on the nose given the state of current events - it all seems a bit too (worryingly) feasible. I’m going to finish it but I think I’ll move onto some thing lighter when I’m done.


I just read The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard. That is such a funny play.


Honestly, after chapter 7 or so, it gets quite episodic, reminding me of less of a novel and more of a TV or ongoing comic, just in text form. You know “Threat of the week” and all that. It’s not boring, the different threats they come across are varied, but sometimes it gets monotonous to read over and over that the villian’s motive is to eat Sanzang, who is an incarnation of the Golden Cicada, and thus his flesh brings eternal life.


Christ. This is getting pretty depressing. Page count says I’m at the 85% mark so I’m nearly done. If there was much more to go I don’t think I’d bother. It properly bummed me out last night.


For those interested, looks like The Expanse: Book 7: Persepolis Rising is set for December.

If Amazon-fishing is reliable…


I’m looking forward to this one!


Just started this:

Picked it up for £1 in a National Trust bookshop. I love this series, the quality of writing is insanely good. This one’s a collection from 2008 - the first story is set in 2020, which is already pretty divergent from reality. I read the collection from a couple of years ago (it’s an annual thing I think) and that gives me high hopes for this one.



Currently reading Jim Thompson’s The Grifters… Not his best novel, but I admire how he can completely flesh out a character in two sentences.


It’s a pretty good movie though…Donald Westlake wrote the script, if I recall correctly.

The Getaway is my favourite of his books.