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What non-comics are you reading these days?


My mum is really enjoying Jerusalem (she’s just got to the end of Book One), having never read any of Alan Moore’s work in any medium before.

I’m trying to think of some Moore comics to recommend to her, although she’s not a big comics reader (she’s read one or two Gaiman Sandman issues I think, but not much more than that).

I wondered about From Hell or V For Vendetta, maybe.


Maybe Promethea if she’s into esotercism or occultism?


Hmmm, Promethea might be a good one. She is quite literate and would appreciate some of the mythological references I think.

From Hell might seem a bit intimidating (although probably not after Jerusalem!).


V sounds a good one, Halo Jones too.

I think Promethea would be a bit challenging to someone not too used to comics. Even for me some of the layouts were a little vague when it comes to reading order.


Yes that’s true. Some of them were deliberately ambiguous, and probably a bit challenging for a non-comics-reader.


V then From Hell. Gotta work up to that art!


I take it Lost Girls and The Neonomicon are out the running, Dave?


I would never give her Neonomicon, of course not. Because she’d need to read The Courtyard first.


oooooh, this,


My mum, although doesn’t fully realise it, has been reading comics for about 30 years - (yet still refers to me and my comics as if she hasn’t)

She only really reads trades now, and I give her stuff over every couple of weeks.

Lost Girls has been hidden away so she can’t find it if she ever goes looking for something to read when I’m not in. Needless to say, The Courtyard and Neonomicon have never been passed onto her to read.

I think over the years Sandman and Sandman Mystery Theatre have probably been her favourite books - and she liked Fables so much that she ended up buying them herself from Amazon after I stopped reading it (alhough I did chuck in a few volumes of that, Unwritten and Sweet Tooth for her birthdays and Xmas (the latter two I bought in floppy and didn’t want her to ruin (she sometimes has the habit of falling asleep on them, which I don’t mind so much for trades that I’ll keep - but singles I want in decent condition so I can punt them on eBay if the notion takes me).

Nowadays I think Morning Glories, Locke & Key and Rachel Rising have been the books she has enjoyed most - at least that’s the ones she always asks if there’s ‘a new one out yet’.


You’re in luck, The Courtyard is included in the Neonomicon trade!


So very sold


I can’t tell from the description, is this set in the Imperial Radch world too?


I’m not sure, I recall Leckie saying that she had other stories to tell in that universe, but not featuring Breq. So this might be one of them?


I just finished ‘Anansi Boys’ which I enjoyed a lot.

Of all Gaiman’s novels its the one most like Douglas Adams’s work, which is a high compliment.

There’s some serious plot developments but it’s never as dark as some of his other books. ‘American Gods’ is far more tragic in places.

I think it goes on the “re-read” pile, for when I’m travelling and need something I can enjoy without having to mark a page. Just open it and start anywhere.


But … but … but …



I’m reminding you of this the next time we’re in the pub, as rationale for why it will always be your round :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I loved Anansi Boys. It was so cool that it was a sidequel to American Gods with such a different tone.