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What non-comics are you reading these days?


Definitely. I want to give the films another try soon (I never even finished the final movie when I tried them the first time around), but I wonder whether having the book so fresh in my mind is going to make me even more critical the second time.


I have to be honest that I only saw the last one. That was only because my dad wanted to go see it and I wanted to spend time with him.

It really felt more like a prequel to the Lord of the Rings films than an adaptation of the book. I know that might be splitting hairs for some but the tone and scope really felt different to me. I’m not worried as I’ll always have the book and the animated film to enjoy.

I should also note that The Hobbit is close to if not my favorite book of all time.


That’s awesome, Dave. My dad read The Hobbit to me when I was your daughter’s age and it’s what sparked my love of reading.


I have another task at hand - it’s work, but the kind I thrive on. Wrote a note to Mike Moorcock, and for the first time in a year get a auto-response basically saying bugger off, I’m working. This has been a bit! Mike works in tremendous bursts, totally focused, with out sleep or much food - but with tea and cats. This can go on for days or a week, and then he’s a total fucking mess, depressed, tired, angry, never wants anything to do with reading or writing again. Dreamthief’s Daughter and Metatemporal Detective were … memorable. But the great news, likely a new novel giving birth right now!


I just finished up Murakami’s “After Dark” an hour or so ago. Not sure what I want to read next quite yet.


“After After Dark”


I read that over the summer. Incredible book! I like how the reader, all of us, was made into a character, in a way.

I’m not sure how much Murakami you’ve read, but Kafka on the Shore is my favorite by him, and one of my favorite books overall.

Authors I’ve found who put me into a similar state of mind are Paul Auster and Philip K. Dick. Auster’s City of Glass and Dick’s Ubik or A Maze of Death might be worth checking out if you haven’t read them.




Never read Moorcock. Is he one best discovered in your teens or a good one for any age? If so, what should I start with?


I asked Miqque the same question a little way back and he offered some good recommendations:

(I haven’t yet got around to any of them myself, but I will at some point.)


Thanks! Am surprised, for some reason I honestly thought Moorcock was less of an Alan Moore type, more a swords & sorcery chap (the only contact I’ve had with him was P. Craig Russel Elric comics)…


P.S - I’ve got Jerusalem at home to start soon, so I might attack Moorcock in the same order!


I enjoyed After Dark. It’s a pretty good mood piece, but I’m not sure that I got much more from it.
What did you think?


[quote=“BeardedBetts, post:1167, topic:28, full:true”]
I just finished up Murakami’s “After Dark” an hour or so ago. Not sure what I want to read next quite yet.
[/quote]If you’re looking for more Murakami, I recommend both “Wind-Up Bird Chronicles” and “1Q84”.


Just started Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I had so much fun with Anno Dracula that I thought I’d give this one a shot.


Thanks for the recommendations.
The only other Murakami I’ve read was “Hardboiled Wonderland…” which I enjoyed quite a bit. I have a couple of his others waiting, but I will probably wait on more Murakami for now. I’ve read Auster’s New York Trilogy, which has “City of Glass” in it, but it is on my list of re-reads. It’s been a few years since I’ve read it.

There’s some Charlie Huston I want to read/re-read, but I’m not sure I’m feeling crime/noir right now. I might take a few days to decide. Some Christopher Moore might be next…baaah. I can’t decide. We’ll see where it goes and I’ll let ya know! Thanks again!


I love both those authors. Can’t go wrong with either one.


That was my first Murakami. I remember loving it at the time; I need to re-read after reading the rest of his work.


Don Quixote


Yes it is :wink: