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What non-comics are you reading these days?


One of the second-hand bookshops in Dublin recently got in a huge pile of Astounding Science Fiction issues, including the ones whch contained “They’d Rather be Right”, which is notable for being the second work to win the Hugo Award for Best Novel, and also being godawful (it was critically panned at the time and has been called the worst book to ever win a Hugo).

I was sorely tempted to pick those issues up.


If they’re cheap, do it! The quality will be variable, as in all serialised publications where the editor has to fill a page count on a deadline, but you’ll be used to that from reading comics :wink:

I’ve read a ton of golden-age SF in reprint anthologies, but you often find the same few “best” stories are used over and over again – editors probably pulling from earlier anthologies, rather than going back to the source to see what’s slipped through the cracks. When you consider how many pulps were each printing half-a-dozen stories every month for decades, there must be thousands of stories and dozens of authors that never get reprinted, and just because an anthology editor didn’t like them doesn’t mean that you won’t.

I could probably spend the rest of my life reading nothing but fiction published before my birth, and still never read all of it. There’s no more need for anyone to write anything new, really :wink:


They’re all gone now, I think. It was more the novelty of having They’d Rather Be Right given it’s reputation than anything else. With a handful of exceptions, I find pre-new age SF unreadable.

If nothing else, Neuromancer puts the lie to that.


The next two issues of my Warhammer 40K part works just arrived…with some nice bookends and coasters as well!


I’m reading A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by George R.R. Martin. It’s a prequel of sorts to Game of Thrones. It reminded me that I really really enjoyed reading GoT a few years ago when the show began airing. Since then, I’ve read the whole series twice (skipping the Greyjoy parts because I don’t like them), and while I wait for the seventh installment, this seems like a great way to go back to Westeros.
It’s super fun, and I love that the Targaryens are still kings of Westeros in this story. The only thing is that knowing how G.R.R treats his characters, I don’t want to love them or cheer for them because I have a constant feeling that they might suddenly get beheaded or shot with an arrow… but that’s just me.


Honestly, I liked it better then Lord of the Rings or the Silmarillion (which I’m going to read again). In the meantime, I reading another Tolkien book The Book of Lost Tales.


That gets us to Gondolin? But a much longer love story with a harsh ending? Time to read that again.


I’m also reading the Kullervo cycle in the Kalevala, and eventually I’ll get to Tolkien’s Story of Kullervo


The Hobbit and The Silmarillion are the only two of his that I like better. The Lord of the Rings books made better movies.


I liked Lord of the Rings, but it took be 2 or 3 attempts over a couple of years to get past Tom Bombadill.

The movies did a good job of cutting out the extraneous stuff.


The Council chapter is what really drug for me. It’s the place that has seemed to have tripped up the most people in my circle of friends.

I like The Hobbit because it’s this great, concise story. The Silmarillion is just a great cosmology of Middle Earth told (to me) in a similar style to Genesis and The Children of Hurin takes one of the main stories from The Silmarillion and fleshes it out similar to The Hobbit.

The Lord of the Rings just seemed to be paced all wrong. I wonder if it would read better if the stories of the two parties were interleaved more like a modern novel rather than completing one tale and picking up the other where you left it in separate volumes within each book.


Actually, I’ve been trying to get through it for years now, only just completing it last month.


“Cronicas del Angel Gris” ("Chronicles of the Grey Angel, roughly)
By Alejandro Dolina.

Great Book, but I don´t think is very apealing for non argetinians.





Sorry David.

In my defense, it is still one of my favourite books and Tom Bombadill didn’t stop me reading it a few times.

That whole thing has no significance for the rest of the story though. However I suspect that the inclusion is just a function of how Lord of the Rings was written over a span of time.


Currently reading the PADI Open Water manual… going to do the Scuba course in two days! Pretty excited about it


Enjoy! I did a week-long PADI course many years ago and loved it (once I got the hang of equalising, which I found a bit tricky at first).


I’m super excited about it. Been living in Thailand for a bit over three years now and still haven’t taken the plunge… figure it’s finally time!


[quote=“Kiel, post:1078, topic:28”]
Currently reading the PADI Open Water manual.
[/quote]I’m just going to wait for the film version. In 3D.


Just finished Goldfinger last night. I really enjoyed it and am going to dip into a couple more of the Bond books. That said, the very end was a bit “off” with Bond “turning” Pussy Galore who’s a lesbian in the book. Didn’t spoil my overall enjoyment though as I just wrote it off as being a quirk of the time rather than any sort of hidden agenda.