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What non-comics are you reading these days?


Could it be something to do with the trend at that time of making alternate censored versions of certain music albums, that could be sold in large chain stores that refused to stock ‘explicit lyrics’ versions?

I haven’t read the book you’re talking about so I’m just going on your description.


Maybe, but I don’t think that was a thing at the time the book came out (1991). I thought that was more mid-90s.


Ah, maybe not then.


Oh, if only! This is the first I’ve heard of and it’s a brilliant idea.

Rincewind’s alive?


I agree with everything in this post, except that I have also read the second half and it is still a remarkably good book.


That would have been after that stuff all kicked off with NWA and 2 Live Crew. Though I’m not sure if that all reached the UK or not.


Hell, I’ve been been waiting twenty-five years for him to write the final book in the Great and Secret Show trilogy.

And everyone thinks George R. R. Martin is bad…


Yeah… late 80s/early 90s was sort of the peak of that. It was mostly the PMRC, which trotted out a list of “Filthy Fifteen” songs that promoted sex, drugs, drinking, and the occult. The list included Prince’s “Darling Nikki” masturbating with a magazine, “Trashed,” a Black Sabbath number that was actually an anti-drunk driving song, and gave The Mentors are career.

The end result was the industry agreed to put those ubiquitous PARENTAL ADVISORY EXPLICIT LYRICS stickers on albums that might offend somebody. Some stores refused to sell them to anyone under eighteen, while others like Walmart refused to stock stickered albums at all, though R-rated movies on VHS (and later DVD) were welcome in their stores. This led to labels putting out censored/edited versions of said albums so Walmart would stock them.

The 2 Live Crew boondoggle happened in 1990 when Broward County, Florida, declared the album “As Nasty as they Wanna Be” to be obscene, and thus illegal to sell or perform in the county.


Stephen King’s short and very light novel ELEVATION. It is enjoyable fluff. Not a lot there, really.

Stephen King’s THE OUTSIDER. It starts with an interesting premise, but I felt like the novel just dragged on and on poorly mixing mystery writing with a somewhat tired element of the supernatural. It’s not poorly written, and the characters are fleshed out well enough. Still, it was not a compelling read. Easy to put down.


The Everything Box by Richard Kadrey - I finished this over the holiday and thought I’d drop a quick review here. The story was a combination of caper and apocalyptic humor. Think Good Omens with a heist and set in California or Sandman Slim meets Discworld. It had a lot of Kadrey’s usual tics about the LA scene and magic. There were some interesting portions and it was a fun enough read but ultimately didn’t leave a super strong impression. It was a bit like the Jessica Jones Netflx shows in that it got to a portion in the story that was just kind of marking time. The end was satisfying enough though. If you’re into this genre of story you might give it a spin but I wouldn’t give it my highest recommendation.


After being a faithful reader of everything Stephen King released, I’ve fallen behind lately. I’m going to make an effort to catch up on the stuff I’ve missed, from REVIVAL to ELEVATION.

Last week I read Ron Paul’s REVOLUTION: A MANIFESTO, which he published in 2008 in conjunction with his Presidential campaign. I don’t agree with his positions on many issues, but reading the book was very educational and informative, and caused me to question many things I have never thought about or had taken for granted. On that basis alone, I would strongly recommend this book.


Now I feel inspired to read Damnation Game again. I think I have a copy of that one that might be safer around the kids. I love his horror stuff too, so horrific.


Yeah that drives me nuts. Supposedly he’s working on it. I could never do what he does, but I still wish he’d hurry up.


I was wondering about that Elevation book. Too hefty of a price for such a short read for me. I read The Outsider when it came out, and I’ve already forgotten it. Except that the annoying girl from Mr. Mercedes was in it, which I didn’t appreciate.


Can you imagine Monty Python’s The Brothers Karamazov?
Ivan: My story is laid in Spain, in Seville, in the most terrible time of the Inquisition…
Alyosha: Vat is dis Ivan? I didn’t expect de Spanish Inkvasition!
Ivan: Nobody does!


Finished Last Samurai. Two books away from reading Murakami for the first time.


It wasn’t really a thing in the UK, maybe on a very small level. They didn’t really sell many CDs either. Then again Pratchett could have been taking it from the US, especially as it is a Hollywood satire.


Which book are you starting with?


ahem The Books of the Art.


1Q84, which appeals to my interest in opuses.