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What non-comics are you reading these days?


Middle Chinese: A Study of Historical Phonetics


And now I’m on to Robert McCammon’s SWAN SONG.


As a knockoff The Stand, Swan Song is a lot of fun.


I quite like McCammon. They Thirst and The Night Boat are two of my favorites/


Dostoyevsky’s The Devils


The Slavic Languages


Two Zen Classics, containing the two koan collections The Gateless Gate and the Blue Cliff Records. In total there are 148 koan cases accompanied by commentaries and notes. It is always a bit weird reading koans since it isn’t really the way they should be taken in.


Yesterday I read Renegade The Life and Times of Mark E.Smith and enjoyed it immensely. Today it’s The Speed of Sound by Thomas Dolby. About a hundred pages in and it’s been another good choice.


Romance Languages: a Historical Introduction


The Mesoamerican Indian Languages


Finished “Kafka on the Shore” (which I liked a lot, but man does that book leave some things open to interpretation) and started on “Singularity Sky” - I’ve been feeling the sci-fi itch, and this is an early Charles Stross I hadn’t gotten around to yet. Great fun.


Finished “Swan Song” yesterday. Not sure what to read next, but I’m leaning toward a nonfiction book.


Read this yesterday


Really enjoyed it despite never being a fan of the Beatles.


I dig that. Read a book on Frank Zappa, then understood the music a lot better.


I love the concept of the Festival (and its Fringe) in Singularity Sky :slight_smile:


I finished reading the shinning recently and finder a few hours ago. I enjoyed both books. The shinning started a little slow. There’s a lot of character building with not a lot going on. But I think it helps you understand each of the characters including the overlook. But once it gets going, it doesn’t let up. At least that’s how I felt when reading it. Overall, the book was pretty good.

With finder, I found this book interesting mainly because I didn’t know greg rucka wrote novels. I was oblivious to that fact. The book was a good thriller. I found myself invested in the main character and the supporting characters. The stakes were real enough for me keep reading to find out what happens next. The action was also good. The ending was kind of sad though. If you haven’t had a chance to read this book, I highly recommend it. The same goes for the shinning.


Have you seen this book which was just published? (No idea if it’s good but it looks interesting)


I just started The Idiot.


thanks for the heads-up, Robert. :grinning:


Like a bit of Zappa. I may have a look for a book on him this week .