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What non-comics are you reading these days?


Also, note that I find that Teaching Grammars can be useful sources of descriptive grammar, if read right; I am doing a research paper on Farsi, so I requested a Teaching Grammar of it to be sent to my local library, as the Queens Library system lacks a descriptive one, and, since I have fines that need to be payed there, I am having my college library hold a Teaching Grammar of Bukharian, the Jewish Dialect of Tajik, which is mutually comprehensible with Farsi, to the point that some linguists refer to “the Tajik dialect of Farsi”.


Something you haven’t mentioned lately, buddy - is it still fun? Is the Big Picture getting clearer? Do you still dig the studying?


College or doing languages?


The languages. Everybody has grave concerns about college!


I’m enjoying it, except my Chinese book is boring. Once I get the fines fixed at the school library, I’ll take out a better one (I used it last semester)


Modern Persian Conversation Grammar


Though it’s a weird coincidence that that book is being discussed here; I decided that I needed a more expansive commentary on the New Testament because sometimes how modern Christians apply Paul goes over my head, and the only one the Library had all of is a Catholic one, and not just any Catholic one, but one made by Opus Dei.


I have had many Muslim students try to discuss religion with me, but as I am not so well-versed in Islam I have felt uncomfortable, and made mistakes (Ie. when asked about common prophets, saying that Judaism believes in Zakariyah- only to find out that the Zakariyah of al-Qurʾān and Islam is the Zacharias of Luke, Father of John the Baptist, [Zakariyah Abu Yahya] and not Zachariah ben Berechiah, of the book of Zechariah, or Zachariah ben Yohoyada, a prophet martyred in II Chron, neither of which is a prophet in Islam)
I found a Rabbinic source that indicates that permission to read the New Testament includes permission to read al-Qurʾān, if there is a need.




I’ve started re-reading the Discworld series from the start.

There’s a bigger jump in quality between The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic than I remember. It’s still not great, but Pratchett does add a bunch of elements that help, like the rest of the wizards and Cohen the Barbarian, and cuts out pretty much the entire supporting cast of the first book.

Equal Rites starts off great, and I love all the Granny Weatherwax parts about witching, but it loses something once they get on the road. The book’s very light on plot, which makes the jump into cosmic horror/end of the universe stakes for the climax feel completely out of place. I’m also pretty sure all the stuff at the end about the university taking in female students from now on is completely ignored by the rest of the series. I still find it odd that it took nearly 25 years for Pratchett to bring back Esk after this; she would have been an interesting presence during some of the Wizard books.


The grammar sections of Easy Bukharian, for a research project, and then Mongolian Language Handbook


Yeah, that’s a good point. It really was a shame she didn’t come up again earlier.

Man. Discworld series from the start. Well, I think I’ll wait until I’m retired to do that…


Early Yiddish Epic
A collection of Early Yiddish Epic Poems.


Ancient Indo-European Dialects


“Epic” poems as in long story-poems, or the modern sense of “spectacular”?


The former, though some of them are short, and are included because they prefigure the style of the longer epics. Some of them I’ve read before, like Shmuel-Bukh, an epic rendition of the Biblical Book of Samuel.


The Dialects of Modern German




WANT NOT by Jonathan Miles; I have about 40 pages to go, and I’m still not sure if I like it or not. The writing and pacing are well -handled, but the characters are mostly people that I don’t care for. I guess the fact that I’m still reading it is a testament to the quality of Miles’ skills as an author.


I often find myself continuing to read books I know are poorly written simply because I need to finish the story. And more often than not being disappointed with the ending…