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What non-comics are you reading these days?


I tried reading an English translation, and while I admire Kafka’s short stories, I don’t think a novel fits him. Then again, it may just have been the translation.
For example, I am reading the Aeneid (and was just about to post that) as I had to read selections from it for a LIT option, and now am reading it at my leisure. It’s the Mandelbaum Translation, which I find easier then when I previously tried to read Fagle’s version, as the latter sticks to closely to Latin verse; Mandelbaum anglicizes the verse.


I am Legend by Richard Matheson (with the cover of 2007 film version)

I take that most of us are pretty familiar with the novel. The protagonist is, seemingly (normal) last man on Earth, after terrifying disease turned msot of the population into vampires (more zombies, but anyway).
Proclaimed as sf horror novel, yet if you ask me, this is just a sf psychological drama about nothing more than a human loneliness and isolation. And very well written on that. One part almost made me cry, when protagonist found a dog, then after numerous attempts to get close to him, he succeeds, but the dog dies week after (Matheson never made it clear, but it is hinted that dog is infected).
There are some interesting and controversial points here; namely, what is meaning of being normal and lust (initial description of women are put in negative context), but soon it became obvious that “last man” suffers from lack of sex.
One thing that Matheson never has been good at is, giving too much implausible scientific explanation. While it’s nice that he tried to put some backstory behind vampires, but in IMO, superior Hell House (the scariest novel about haunted house), it just didn’t work for me. Fear of cross - hysterical blindness?!, perm glue that neutralizes the bullets, etc.
Some fragments hint on the (irrational) fear of minorities, corroborated by the novel’s ending, where infected view protagonist with hatred and fear as they had overran the planet, hence making Neville as something of different than human in new world order.


Colloquial Malay: A Grammar


I hear the movie version is excellent!


I read Arthur C Clarke’s Exploration of Space.

It’s a piece of, what can best be described as, speculative nonfiction. Written in the 50s it imagines / speculates / guesses what manned spacetravel will look like and the problems and potential solutions involved. Some are weirdly accurate, some are wildly wrong. No nonsense writing and easy to follow science mean it was a pretty quick read.

On to this next:

Never read any Frank Herbert before but I’ve enjoyed the first quarter which has been pretty weird.


The Brothers Karamazov
A Grammar of the Tagalog Language


Stop making fun of my Linguistic reading! I’m both a Comic Geek and a Linguistic Geek. Accept it.


I don’t think you can learn languages as you seem to claim by flitting from Malay one day to Tagalog the next.They all take a fair amount of time and immersion and effort.

If it’s just the language theory you like then fair enough but so far you’ve claimed on here to be learning maybe 50 languages, that’s not what’s happening.


I’m not learning Malay or Tagalog, I have Seven languages that I’ve been learning constantly for about a year now. I am reading descriptive Grammars that describe the language scientifically. The Malay one was short, so I finished it. “Grammar” in the title of a Linguistics book implies that, unless modified by “Teaching”.


Which ones? Why approach 7? The best linguist I ever met could speak 7 languages fluently and was a professor of linguistics . That was over 45 years and not 12 months.

What happened to all the Celtic languages on the list last year?


Yiddish, Russian, Hindi, Bengali, Arabic, Mandarin and Korean.


I’ve known a couple polyglots. None of them sorted their stuff out until they were thirty or so. Takes a lot of computing power!

At last I have some skulls spackling Englandish!


I can barely speak English properly.


Di nisht kanst redt git Inglish?


Iay ancay eakspay Igpay Atinlay ay ittlelay itbay. :wink:


That’s Pig Latin, which is a code, not a real language. My post was in Yiddish which is :wink:
Also, wouldn’t “a” be A’ay in Pig Ltin not “Ay”?


Says you.

I have no idea. I’m not fluent. :wink:


Linguistics has always been close to all kinds of geekiness, ever since Tolkien invented Sindarin and Quenya and other languages for his fantasy world.


It’s all Geek to me.


I took Greek in college and would regularly use that phrase. I don’t think my professor was amused.