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What non-comics are you reading these days?


I remember seeing the movie some years back and enjoying it. It was hard to watch in places though - the story goes to some tough places.


Ah, I thought you were kidding. Yeah, Warren Ellis has been Nick Cave’s main collaborator for a while now. This is him, from the Nick Cave meta-documentary “20000 Days on Earth”:


Sounds pretty much like the variation I read in Unfinished Tales of Númenor and Middle Earth, back in the day. That one also included Children of Húrin.

Sounds like they are just republishing those tales?




I’ve fallen behind on my Stephen King reading, so I just started with The Wind Through the Keyhole, his return to the Dark Tower characters. This one is basically a story within a story within a story, as Roland tells his Ka-tet a tale about the time he told someone else a tale that his own mother used to tell him.

Every time I pick up a King book, it’s like returning to my childhood home. In spite of the content, his writing is just so…comforting. I can’t explain it; I just know he continues to be one of my Top Three favorite writers.


Just finished this:


Which is, uh, exactly what it says on the cover.

Really interesting reading, especially if you really need to know how to kill Japanese soldiers while not catching malaria.


Is there something you are a planning that you should tell us about, David? :wink:





Just remember. We’re watching. :wink:


But you’ll never see me, thanks to my new jungle camouflage expertise :eyes:


You’re about 73 years out of date. :wink:


Good jungle camouflage never goes out of date.



Currently reading Turtles All the Way Down, the new John Green, and it’s quite devastating. There’s a typical Green-ish YA plot about a disappeared millionaire and it’s kind of like it’s supposed to be a detective story because of that, but it never becomes one. Instead, the story focuses entirely on the mental illness of the main character (an anxiety/obsessive disorder centered around intrusive thoughts), and her attempts to interact with other people, to fall in love, to live a life and how they are made impossible by her illness are quite heartbreaking.

I think I will read this one in class, too.



My sister has started putting the books she is reading on the board in her class to encourage her students to read with her. This is the last one I saw that she posted. She also did Ready Player One with her class.


In The Arabian Nights I’m up to a story called “Aladdin”, buts it’s not the famous one with the lamp, just a character with the same name (and luckily so, because in this Aladdin, someone tries to go all Kevin Spacey on him. If that was in the Aladdin of the Lamp original, my childhood would have been ruined). In fact, researching it the Aladdin we know is not in the Nights proper, but in what I’ll call the Nights “Apocrypha”- as is Ali Baba- The only story well known in the west that’s in the Nights proper is Sindbad.


I am willing to concede that I may have gone a little over the top in my research for my World War II RPG…

(Mostly read, currently half way through The Defence of the United Kingdom but halted it as there’s a more pressing need to read The Mediterranean and Middle East Volume I.)


Currently reading Noah Hawley’s Before the Fall. Hawley is best known as primary writer and executive producer of the TV series Fargo and Legion. This is his most recent novel – In chapter 1 we are briefly introduced to a cast of characters boarding a private jet. By chapter 3 most of them are dead. A great start!!


I hadn’t realised Hawley had also written novels. I’ll have to look into that.


I’ve started reading Kafka’s Trial in the original German, I only read it in Dutch a long time ago. German’s a little rusty but it’s going so far. I do have to use a dictionary.