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What non-comics are you reading these days?


You know, books and such. Tell us what you’re reading!

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Just finished tTT and about to begin RotK


I’m reading William Gibson’s newest book Peripheral. I like it but haven’t really gotten very deep into it as I’m still working through my Christmas trade haul.


About halfway through Philip K. Dick’s A Scanner Darkly. PKD should be required reading in high school.


I’ve never read A Scanner Darkly. Some of Dick’s stuff is great. I really liked Man in a High Castle. I don’t take nearly enough hallucinogens to understand some of it though. I tried to read VALIS once and always felt hopelessly lost.


A Scanner Darkly is one of his best, I think.

I really enjoyed the film adaptation too.


Yeah, I loved A Scanner Darkly.


I still have yet to read anything by Terry Pratchett. Or Douglas Adams, even though I promised Christian I would. There’s always tomorrow.


Gaiman and Pratchett’s Good Omens is pretty good. So are the first three books in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series by Adams. They both have similar humor.


I have The Men, The Mission and Me that I’m currently reading. Up next is Rise of the Superman.


As I’m teaching yself Ancient Greek, I’ using a bilingual edition of Josephus’s Jewish Antiquities as practice.


Did Josephus write in Ancient or Koine?


I feel like the odd man out. I couldn’t stand A Scanner Darkly. There’s a part where the undercover cop thinks about how annoying it is to listen to druggies talk about nothing for hours and I knew exactly how he felt.


Koine, but from what I understand, if you know Attic Greek you can understand Koine texts.


I’ve never read A Scanner Darkly. I didn’t care for the plot of the movie but enjoyed the style. VALIS seemed like I was taking way too few psychedelics to even understand what was happening.


I took a year of Koine when I was studying to be a pastor. It’s interesting.


I can’t learn Koine as the only teaching materials I can find are based on the New Testament, which I am forbidden to read.


I was going to offer a book I have on Koine but it is based around the New Testament.


Recently started Through the Dark Continent (volume 1) by Henry M. Stanley. Yes, the “Dr. Livingstone I Presume?” Stanley (though he probably didn’t actually say that).

It’s purely factual account, and full of useful things like tables of figures to illustrate how we could economically exploit the Africans, but the details of the expedition planning and the expedition itself are interesting. And Stanley’s prose is quite light and easy to read, not the heavy slog that some Victorians are (though maybe I’ve read so many Victorian writers that I’ve become accustomed to them).

The main annoyance of the edition I have is that a fold-out map that’s claimed to be inside the back cover isn’t there. And I love maps, so that’s quite a big annoyance.


I just started on Richard Matheson’s Earthbound, I realized is the first novel I’ve read of his.