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What moment of film would you preserve in a time capsule?


I watched this director’s roundtable a few months ago, and one of the questions asked really stuck with me.
If you could preserve a moment or scene from one film in a time capsule for the aliens to find after we’re all long gone, what would you choose?

The question is asked 8 minutes and 15 seconds in (which is hopefully when the linked video should start from).

Right now I think I’d pick the truck chase from Raiders. It has the tension from the stakes constantly changing, and Indy has to climb his way back from defeat. It’s a great heroic moment in cinema, and a cool chase sequence.

Now Millarworld folks, it’s your turn. What moment do you pick?


“Jupiter and Beyond” from 2001: A Space Odyssey


This one

or this one- “You are home”. Gets me every time.

Although “Rock stars have kidnapped my son” is also good.


Jackass the Movie opening sequence is gold. Gold I tell you.


Mike Leigh’s ‘Naked’. The scene where Johnny chats to the security guard about everything.

I found a bit of it here (strong language):

I’m not sure that fits into the same zone as Jackass but variety is the spice of life.



That’s brilliant. How have I never seen that movie?



It’s a touching scene and let’s just let the future aliens think this is what we looked like.


“You gotta be fucking kidding…”


  1. Let’s these future alien sons of bitches know we don’t fuck about on earth

  2. Seriously, it great. It’s probably one of my favourite practical effects movie scenes ever.


You’re all good so far, but you’ve missed out the personification of humanity, the most perfect montage of them all, a perfect capsule of the human condition.

Of course I’m talking about the Rocky training montage.

Or my other choice, which should scare the crap out of all the aliens:


I was literally just about to post the Rocky montage. :slight_smile:


If everyone on the world woke up every morning and watched the Rocky training montage before beginning their day the world would be awesome.

I think it should replace the Pledge of Allegiance in schools.


The first ten minutes of the long goodbye.


That is a great choice!
I am so glad that Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye turned me on to that movie.



Probably the love scene from Wild Things.


Sam’s “I want to go home” scene in MOON compounded by Clint Mansell’s haunting soundtrack:


I love this thread, Can I say I love this thread?


You sure can!
As much as you like.
(That goes for all of the other posters as well)