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What Marvel Universe characters could lift a Boeing 747 above their head? (asking for a friend)

So my nephew asked me what Marvel characters could lift a plane - he said “Definitely Hulk but who else?” I said, “Well definitely Captain Marvel, too, and Spidey could prob lift it off one of its wheels if he really tried. And Iron Man could prob lift a Private Jet easy enough.”

But I would like to give him a more concise list of who could lift a Boeing 747 and dander about with it so please help me put one together.

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Maybe Thor, Hercules, Sasquatch, Silver Surfer

Thing. Maybe Colossus.

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Gladiator, probably Captain Britain.

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Phoenix. Galactus. Most of the big cosmic ones really.

It seem to be an older list but I suppose it answer a lot

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There’s a three-panel strip in the 80s marvel super-heroes RPG about this very subject. The chapter on player stats is written as if Spider-Man is telling the reader how the rules work, and each section has an example based on his stats in the game and an illustration or two of how they work:

For Strength:

Bonus: the ability of materials to resist damage:

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Stingray totally could… If it was underwater.

Strong Guy maybe.

25 years ago I read a list in some guide to the marvel universe with a list of how much different characters could lift. The strongest ones (Hulk, Thor etc.) could, accorcing to this list, lift 100 tonnes. An empty Boeing 747 appears to weigh 153 tonnes.

You used to need Unearthly class Strength in the Marvel Superheroes RPG from the 80s to be able to lift >100 tonnes.


Gloriously, the source books for the RPG are online!

Oh man. The nostalgia …

The Judge’s book, with the character profiles is downloadable from here:


I had so much fun with that RPG

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Me too … at the time, it was my first exposure to many of the characters in the source books. And it totally appealed to my geeky categorising brain.

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The character cards in the advanced set were perfect for that!

The Absorbing Man (as this page from Amazing Spider-Man 283 proves).


That’s the kind of hard hitting comic geekery I’d expect to see. Though that’s not a 747 unless the Absorbing Man is a giant.


At least the wheels are more proportional. I don’t know what kind of plane the one Spidey is standing next to in the image that Lorcan posted is supposed to be but it’s been a long time since anything has used a wheel and tire that large if ever.

For reference, here is someone standing beside a 747-8’s main wheel.


It looks like the B-36 had a wheel/tire combo that was that large. Modern aircraft generally just use multiple wheel/tire/brake combos. It’s difficult to make a wheel and tire that large. Adding the speed and stress of an aircraft landing usually compounds the problems by quite a bit.


Of course Ronnie none of them could lift a 747 as it’s not a single point load bearing structure. It’d just collapse around them.

Comics aren’t very realistic.


What Jim meant to say was, “Has anyone mentioned Sentry yet?”


A telekinetic could do it as they would be supporting it at multiple places. He’s not Marvel but Conner Kent Superboy probably could too when he had his tactile telekinesis. :wink:

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Magneto, obviously.