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What Marvel side character would you like to see in the MCU?


I’m not sure ‘bimbo’ is the right word, in Moore’s CB he had him constructing (and taking down) a sentient supercomputer.
What Braddock was under Moore and (and Delano and Davis) was a very self-absorbed and conservative man who didn’t exactly do nuance. He’s ‘once more unto the breach’ or ‘we’ll fight them on the beaches’ to any challenge even if it isn’t a wise course of action. It has echoes of the MCU Captain America where he’s out of touch with some of the complexities of the world but he has an excuse because he was kept in ice for 70 years. :smile:


Yeah, you’re absolutely right. Bimbo wasn’t the right word there. I just liked that he had limitations and flaws as a character which had nothing to do with being a superhero, which is a very Marvel thing to do. For the record, Captain Britain is still my favourite thing that Alan Moore has written.

And I have a slightly left-field suggestion- What about Death’s Head? Everyone’s favourite Freelance Peacekeeping Agent would fit in wonderfully well in Guardians of the Galaxy…If you have no idea who I’m talking about, it was an 80’s Marvel UK thing.


With the new Deadpool and the Apocalypse film coming out…it’s about time they re-thought about doing an X-Force film (Can’t believe both of those films wont have Cable in!). In terms of shows, also an X-Force thing with Cable and Domino (I’m a Domino cosplayer so a little biased :wink: )


Power Pack.


The film rights to Namor have always been a bit more nebulous than that. His rights are not owned by Marvel, Sony, OR Fox, but by Universal. It is possible Marvel could use him but there are supposedly old and complicated legal issues to untangle first, and for a B-list character like that it doesn’t sound like it’s worth it.


Not sure if he can be considered a side character anymore, but Adam Brashear a.k.a. the Blue Marvel. This is the MCU role Denzel could play.

Also, Monica Rambeau.


Power Pack would be a good addition. Something like BIG HERO 6 maybe.

Also I agree with the suggestion Monica Rambeau and Nextwave, of course. I’d actually like AGENTS OF SHIELD to go off the rails a bit with completely bonkers episodes including one-shot episodes with people like that - Rambeau, Machine Man, Captain F*** (with bleeping every time they said his name). Also, a version of Ultimate Blade and Ultimate Ghost Rider would be interesting. Both (especially the Rider) would be great, bizarro antagonists showing that the Marvel U is even stranger than SHIELD thinks it is.

Of course, it is almost criminal that the original Human Torch and Sub-Mariner have not appeared in the movies, yet. Probably due to some inane movie rights conflict, but those - especially Namor - are just great characters.


Did you see my post not far above? (re: Namor)


Ah - thanks - that explains it. Seems like he is in something of the same limbo as The Hulk.

I wonder if Human Torch is a problem because of the name and FF? I think a Marvel “The Torch” would be much cooler than the Fantastic Four. They could really show how freaky it is that a hero is essentially a man on fire.


There are probably issues there with the overlap, although they did do this easter egg in the first Cap movie:


Just thought about the Agents of Atlas. Although Namora may have the same rights issues as her cousin.


Yeah, I had wondered if they’d ever follow it up. As far as we know, there was a Human Torch in WW2 who was as much a rumor as Ant-Man in the Cold War. Though why they’d keep him a secret would be interesting.

However, it would be kinda cool to open with the last scene from the first Captain America movie, only this time they show you the background where the Torch secretly helps destroy Red Skull’s base while remaining hidden and unseen the flames and explosions.

Also, to get a little dark, he would’ve been a helluva weapon in Japan. Just drop him in the middle of a city and let him start a firestorm. That would give him a pretty guilty conscience to work off in the present.


It’s something they could take up in Agent Carter in future.


I…don’t think that is a scene I want to see in a Marvel movie.


Is there a way to work it into a DC movie then, with a little adjustment to the timeline?


Yeah, a nuclear powered hero wiping out Japanese cities is exactly the sort of thing one expects from DC.

Seriously, though, I’d love to see Blade show up in the Netflix Marvelverse and Ghost Rider in Agents of SHIELD.[quote=“garjones, post:33, topic:3761, full:true”]
It’s something they could take up in Agent Carter in future.
There ya go! The Torch and a young Hank and Janet Pym certainly should make an appearance in that series at some point. Along with a mysterious, superhuman aquatic adversary codenamed Roman the Undersea Man.


Willie Lumpkin


Orson Randall.


I agree. But considering my excitement level for the current slate of Marvel movies I won’t see that scene either way.


When are we gonna see Ivan, Natasha Romanoff’s guardian/mentor/Alfred?