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What Marvel side character would you like to see in the MCU?


…and where would they fit?

Just finished Jessica Jones and great to see some lesser known Marvel heroes, villains and supporting cast. My question is who do you still want to see? And where do you see them fitting in the MCU?

My vote are for the Enforcers. I love those guys and I think they could slot into Daredevil or one of the other Netflix shows really well.


I’ve never read any of the comics but I’d love to see a Damage Control cartoon. I love the concept behind the superho clean up team but I don’t think it’d work as a live action thing.


As far as I know it is already being developed by ABC and Marvel as a sitcom…So your wish is granted.

I would like to see the Marvel Universe branch out a little bit. We’ve seen American superheroes. We are going to see Wakanda’s superhero. What about the rest of the world? Captain Britain or something like that. It is something that Al Ewing played with a bit in his Mighty Avengers run, where the Blue Marvel spends a lot of his time working with superhero teams in German etc. And Matt Fraction gave us a Korean superhero team in his Iron Man book.

Or Wonder Man. I’ve always liked Wonder Man.


Wonder Man would be great. Too bad the ship sailed on the Vision’s brain being patterned after his.


I think Cloak and Dagger would be cool.




Another vote for Captain Britain. Maybe they could do an AOS spinoff for MI12. Plenty of other Brit heroes they could use too, maybe some Union Jack?


I always liked the Alan Moore idea of Captain Britain being given all of the trappings and aspect of the solid, steadfast, square-jawed hero, but making him a complete bimbo.


Mad Jim Jaspers in a film would melt minds.


I am a massive fan of Jack Monroe as Nomad…damn you Brubaker! :wink:


Marvel Boy.


Is it being developed or have I just wished it into existence with some hereunto unknown mutant power?


Given the approach taken to the TV side of things, the MI13 approach would be the most likely to fit in.

Paul Cornell has plenty of TV writing experience too.


Buried Alien of course


Cue Twilight Zone Theme…

Oh God yes…that 3rd issue with Hexus the Living Corporation is one of my favourite comics of all time…I assume that you were talking about the Grant Morrison Noh Var Marvel Boy and not the headband guy from the 50’s, right?

That’s a pretty brilliant suggestion.

I once spent the bones of an hour at a con talking to Paul Cornell (this was before the Wisdom mini hit) and he is really nice bloke. Although I imagine that he is probably owned by Fox given his origin in an X-Men book, Peter Wisdom would be pretty cool. I liked the original version, who was basically John Thaw from the Sweeney given superpowers and stuck in a mutant soap opera.


Sounds like a great fit for 3rd-season DD.

I always rather liked the underground / sewer mutants, Callisto and Leech and that lot. Pity the word “mutant” cannot be used, for they would fit in just fine with the current SHIELD plots.


I’m still vainly hoping for Squadron Supreme movie.


Yes, that’s the one.


If his tv show ends with him dying, Marvel totally should do it.

Personal list:
Black Tarantula
American Eagle
Ares the God of War
Monica Rembeau
America Chavez
Blue Marvel
White Tiger
Immortal Weapons

C-Listers who need to be in MCU
Amadeus Cho
Ghost Riders, prefferably starting with Robbie Reyes


Namor/SubMariner is one of Marvel/Timely’s earliest characters – if Marvel Studios ever regain the rights to the Fantastic Four film franchise, Namor needs to be the villain as well as Sue’s love interest.

I’d really love to see Lord Kevin Plunder, aka Ka-Zar, make an appearance, along with Shanna and Zabu and the entire Savage Land.

And why haven’t we already seen She-Hulk? She could fit in as a Hell’s Kitchen lawyer on the small screen, or as a big green powerhouse in the big screen.