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What is your favorite Keanu Reeves film?


I forgot how many awesome movies he’s been in. Robert’s list is probably pretty close to what I’d go with. Although I might replace Constantine with The Devil’s Advocate. That movie was a favorite when I was a kid. Also, I never saw Constantine.



Has anyone watched Keanu’s lesser known 17 Again episode of Wonderful World of Disney?
I think that Zac Efron movie was a remake of it.


Anyway, it’s criminal that none of you have mentioned Branagh’s Much Ado yet. Reeves is not actually that good in it, but overall it’s a lovely film and one of my favourite screen Shakespeare adaptations.

Other than that, The Matrix (the first one) and the Bill & Ted movies are up there (I agree with whoever it was that put Bogus Journey ahead of Excellent Adventure), and stuff like Speed and Constantine are pretty impressive to have on your resume as ‘lesser’ movies.

(I haven’t seen the John Wick movies or Neon Demon yet - must remedy that.)



“Evil Robot Uses”


He’s not very good, but as you say it is an enjoyable movie overall. Michael Keaton is great in it.


Matrix and John Wick 2 for me. Wick 2 in particular gets better each time I watch it.


John Wick 2 makes me very happy.


Keaton is great but it’s a really weird decision on Branagh’s part to have a character whose comedy is mostly built around language and wordplay be barely decipherable. :slight_smile:


True. I realise that it is slightly off-topic, but I enjoyed Nathan Fillion a lot more in the same role in the Joss Whedon version.


Yes, he was very good and struck just the right tone. Whedon’s version was very enjoyable.


John Wick. By far. And I love some of his other movies. He’s not the best actor but if he’s in an action movie you know it’s going to be a fun time.


I love that you guys remember Parenthood.

I saw that one accidentally on TV ages ago and I remember both loving the movie and being impressed with Keanu’s performance.

Keanu had some really stuff rearly on in his career. It’s been too long since I saw “River’s Edge” - I don’t remember it to the extent that I am not sure anymore whether I have actually seen it… and yeah, Much Ado was fantastic (and I actually thought Keanu did okay). Gus van Sant’s “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues” is another one I liked.

A Scanner Darkly is my answer, though, in the end. Both as his best and my favourite movie of his. No. 2 would’ve been Matrix.


Did anybody here watch Man of Tai Chi? It was directed by Keanu and looked good, but I still haven’t managed to see it.


It was decent, but not great. Definitely worth a watch if you like Keanu/kung-fu movies.


Thanks, man, appreciated!


Matrix, obviously.

But Keanu has soooooo many good movies… the guy, wether he acts super well or not, he always commits a 100%, and it shows, and it’s appreciated.

As for the other movies, well, you guys already mentioned them all. Speed & Point Break are both fantastic, but my favoirte after the Matrix is probably Constantine.


He is apparently also just an ultra-nice person. I loved those stories that surfaced about that, so maybe they have a place here:

This weird adoration and the sense of enigma surrounding the actor are, I think, closely linked. We know relatively little about Reeves’s off-screen life, which he keeps well guarded, but what we do know suggests qualities that are, for one reason or another, vanishingly rare in entertainment gossip – warm humanity and hidden depths. Hagiographic stories circulate of the actor donating millions of dollars to animal welfare charities and cancer research (his younger sister Kim was diagnosed with leukaemia); of Reeves offering stranded hitchhikers a ride; of a team of stuntmen being surprised with a gift of £6,000 Harley Davidson motorbikes, which he had quietly paid for.

“Money is the last thing I think about,” Hello magazine reported him saying in 2003. Not long earlier, he had reduced his pay by several million dollars so that the producers of The Devil’s Advocate and The Replacements could afford to hire Al Pacino and Gene Hackman, respectively. And, according to ABC News, he “handed over his valuable profit-sharing points” to the special effects and costume design team of the Matrix franchise, which he believed deserved the true credit for its success. (Some place the value of this donation at $50m.) By these accounts, Reeves is most definitely a righteous dude. He’s also a curious one. A few days after the Brexit vote, the New Statesman’s politics editor, George Eaton, was surprised to find him visiting Portcullis House as a guest of the Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi. It was “fittingly surreal”, George told me, and Reeves came across as “courteous” and “modest” when he posed for a group selfie with some of the journalists who happened to be there.


Yeah that too… I think I’ve never read any scandal story about the guy. He seems to be the nicest, most genuine actor ever. I don’t think I’ve even read any co-worker complain about him :smile:

Also, he takes the subway (and gives his seat to other people) and eats sandwiches on the street like a hobo…

What a werido =P


So, inspired by @KandorLives I watched The Matrix again on DVD tonight. Holy shit! That’s still an amazing movie. 18 years after it was released. 18 years! I was sort of dreading it, having not watched it since before my daughter was born (over a decade ago), but with the exception of a couple of dodgy green screen scenes, it’s still pretty fresh. Stunning.