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What is your favorite Keanu Reeves film?


Whoa. I was just thinking about this the other day.

  1. Matrix
  2. Bill and Ted
  3. Point Break
  4. John Wick
  5. John Wick 2
  6. My Own Private Idaho
  7. Freaked
  8. Bill and Ted 2
  9. A Scanner Darkly
  10. Constantine

Now that’s a career. It’s not even getting into Speed or Dracula or even the awful yet awesome Devil’s Advocate.


Parenthood is such a great movie, and sadly overlooked so often


A Scanner Darkly is a pretty amazing movie. It is probably the best adaptation I have seen of a Philip K Dick book.

I am finding it difficult to pick a favourite between the Matrix, Point Break and Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.

Weirdly, I remember enjoying Street Kings, but I can’t remember anything at all about the movie.


I’d completely forgotten that Anthony Kiedis was in Point Break or maybe I just haven’t seen it since I knew who he was.


A few years ago my local cinema had a 90s action movie season. Seeing Speed on the big screen gave me a whole new appreciation for it.


I agree with David on this.


I’m about to blow some minds here, but has anyone watched this beauty?

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You guys remember the thread we had a while back about the actor whose entire catalogue we’d take with us to a desert island? I picked Keanu. This whole thread is like a testimonial to my judgement :laughing:


We just watched Street Kings the other day (never seen it before). It’s a pretty cool film.


This thread: Pick one actor...

I picked Arnie, and I’m still good with that pick, though Keanu is an excellent choice.

Top Keanu movies:

  1. Point Break. So many great sequences in this, it feels like a big adventure but it’s really quite a small story. Swayze is really what makes it work, his relationship with Keanu is so tender, big brotherly but you could see hints of it being more romantic too. That was a surprising dynamic to bring to what would have been a normal action movie in someone elses hands. This was the movie that made him a star, and you can see why.
  2. The Matrix. He was actually pretty brave to star in this movie - it probably read like it could be a bust, a low budget sci-fi movie like Dark City or Event Horizon. He clearly raised the game for this movie - he committed to the role like Hamill did to Luke Skywalker and by taking it seriously he creating something revolutionary. Sadly the rest of the movies were pants.
  3. Speed. I loved how breathless this movie was, it really didn’t you much time to catch your breath. And it’s such a great concept even though it was made fun of endlessly. Really well put together too. And made Sandra Bullock a star. The elevator scene at the start is outstanding.
  4. The Replacements. This movie is total comfort food, it’s the best kind of Hollywood ‘forget about the world for 2 hours’ story, and everyone in it is first class.
  5. Bogus Journey. I like it more from what I can remember of it, mainly because Death is so fantastic in it.
  6. Excellent Adventure. I find the middle of the movie to be a bit of a bore, but playing around with time travel, and of course the water park scenes are top notch. And the message is excellent!
  7. Constantine. Far better than people give it credit for, but then alot of people say that. I think comic geeks simply didn’t like the casting and overlooked just how great a movie this was.
  8. Devil’s Advocate. It’s really Al Pacino who makes this work, but Keanu at least doesn’t screw it up.

The other movies aren’t as good (I’m not a big John Wick guy) or Keanu isn’t really the star of the movie so it shouldn’t count (Dangerous Liaisons, Dracula).


That should just not count in any list, imo.


Point Break.


C’mon guys, it’s The Matrix.
I could watch that movie all day every day.


The Neon Demon and Dracula are two of my all time favorite movies, but he’s only got a small part in the former and is pretty bad (hilariously, endearingly so, though) in the latter.

I’m gonna go with Speed. But the answer could easily be Point Break, The Matrix, A Scanner Darkly, or John Wick on a different day.

Like others have said, he’s had a fantastic career.

I was also really impressed with his performance in Sam Raimi’s underrated The Gift. He’s good at playing abusive assholes, although fortunately that’s not the kind of role he’s known for.

EDIT: Glad to see Constantine’s getting a lot of love in this thread!


He really was great in The Neon Demon!
His style of acting really works well with Refn I think. Very complimentary. He should star in a feature for the guy.


That would be great. Drive probably would’ve starred Keanu if it had been made 10 or 15 years earlier.

Also, have you seen The Gift? The character he plays in that is really similar to who he plays in Neon Demon. It’s why his Neon Demon role wasn’t that jarring for me when I saw it–I’d already been jarred a few years earlier!


No, I’ve looked into The Gift a little. It seems kinda hard to find, and not least because of the Joel Edgerton movie using the same name.


It was on Netflix a few years ago which is how I watched it; hopefully it’ll come back.

It’s a bit of a mess of a movie, narratively speaking, but almost all of the pieces are great so I don’t really mind. Well worth watching if you can find it.


Dear RonnieM, dear friends,

my favourite Keanu Reeves movies are 47 Ronin and John Wick.

I was not particularly fond of Matrix and Constantine,


[PS Being even a couple of years older than Mr Reeves I cannot remember clearly what Speed was about.]


47 Ronin, you say? That’s an interesting choice. What did you like so much about it? I felt that there was something great that was unfortunately lost in the edit. It looked pretty good though, especially the bright colours.