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What is your favorite Keanu Reeves film?


We’ve had some discussion already and it looks like this could be as interesting as people’s favorite Kurt Russel film.

So tell everyone, what’s your favorite Keanu Reeves film?

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Why the hell would you watch that awful film, Simon? Why?

Might be Keanu’s finest performance and the greatest action movie ever – but I’ll never know. That scene is as far as I got. The filmmakers took the wrong lesson from Independence Day.


To answer those in turn…

Keanu’s finest performance - No, that was clearly Bram Stoker’s Dracula.
Greatest Action movie ever - The answer to that question is obviously Die Hard (followed by The Raid and Hard Boiled). I will agree that John Wick is a stylishly put together, carnage filled action spectacular though.
Independence Day - spoilers for John Wick John Wick avenges his doggie’s murder and then rescues another doggy at the end of the film…

Skyla (my greyhound) didn’t take it well at all. She didn’t care what was happening on screen, but she heard barking and her little greyhound brain couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. She was very confused.


Keanu Reeve’s best performance is clearly voicing the cat Keanu in the movie Keanu.



Keanu’s greatest performance is clearly convincing the world he’s not an ageless immortal.



All of you are insane!! Keanu’s finest performance? This is your effing wake up call…


Blah blah Benjamin Buttoned Keanu woah whatever.

Simon let poor Skyla watch that dreadful movie. That is shocking. Shocking. :cry:

Worst film ever.

Despite the ordeal, I bet Skyla will still be excellent to Simon.


Sorry. I am a bad pet owner.

My other dog was off in his bed asleep and paying no notice to it.

She spent most of the film cuddling me on the sofa, so I think we’re good (or she just really likes the sofa…certainly one of the those).


Skyla is a very good dog.

But now I’m trying to decide on the best Keanu performance. I’m going to have to make another list. :weary:

I may be some time…

(So you all have Simon to thank for giving you some peace and quiet and respite from me).


Sorry/You’re welcome (depending on your preference).

I will post some photos of Skyla at some point over the weekend.


Yay!!! (And you are welcome).

Snoopy dance time!

At least it would be if I didn’t have this list to make.


Bill and Ted, obviously.

Geez, it’s like people being wrong about the best Kurt Russell movie (Big Trouble in Little China) all over again.


I would go with John Wick. it is a great revenge movie. He loved his dog and made sure those that harmed the dog paid the price for that act. John is a simple man and makes it very easy for Keanu to play him. All of Keanu’s other roles could have been better if Keanu had more range. Neo, Johnny Utah, and even Ted had more complicated lives than John Wick.

John Wick 2 has me torn. part of me wanted it to be parallel to the first in that someone stole his car and revenge ensues. the other part liked that they tried to interject a mythology behind behind who John was. I don’t know if they succeeded, but the mythology part did introduce Ian McShane’s character so that one does get points. but that story breaks down at the end because the writer really wants to do John Wick 3 so he wrote a very implausible climax.


This is a pretty tough question - he’s made many great movies.

I’d say Point Break. But I could be easily swayed.


Bogus Journey.


When this topic started up, I thought it was so perfect. Reeves is a bit like Russell in that he’s just had so many films that I love. The Matrix and the first Bill & Ted are up there but I’m with you that Point Break is probably the one that lives on best in my mind though I probably need to rewatch it.

Point Break was the first R rated film I saw in the theater. I went with my dad and the lady wouldn’t even sell me the tickets until he got there. When they raid the first gang’s house and the lady comes out of the shower, my dad kind of looked over at me with this, “Oh well. Nothing I can do now.” kind of look. The whole film was such an adrenaline rush.


Ronnie, are you picking Point Break because it was the first time you saw boobies?:wink:


Hmm. It’s possible that it’s some subliminal thing. I honestly just loved the rush of the whole film. Reeves gets a lot of flack for his acting but he has this way of just riding the wave of action in films that other actors seem to struggle with. The whole thing is a clear memory with my dad too.

Another forgotten Reeves (and Jaoquin/Leaf Phoenix) classic is Parenthood. We watched the shit out of that film when we were kids.