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What is your comics home?


What universe, books, family of books do you regularly and comfortably drop back into despite dropping them in the past?


Edited because I realised you didn’t specify superhero universes only:

  1. DC
  2. Dredd (2000AD)
  3. Mignolaverse (although I’ve never dropped these)
  4. Wildstorm
  5. Marvel


For me, it’s the Marvel universe overall, and specifically the X-Men and Spider-Man. Some combination of affection, nostalgia, and investment (of time) always draws me back to those two, especially when I’m craving superhero comics.


Never had it. I was never drawn to characters, but writers and artists.


Marvel was my home but it’s been a few years since I was last there.


Justice League International.

DC wrecked my home, those bastards.


Oh the X-Men, absolutely.

Original Claremont-era Uncanny/New Mutants, sprinkled with Excalibur and X-Factor - no matter how bad the books have been at some points since (and they’ve been really bad at times) there’s a bit of my brain that still lights up brightly when I read an X-Men story, and it’s all because of how much those stories, and those characters, back then resonated.

(Second choice is the Fantastic Four, largely filtered through the Byrne run)


I love the initial run and even JLE. The more recent returns (FKAJL) went too far into the comedy, for me.


I was just happy to get a little more of the crew, and I loved the art. Like an old friend, I just wanted to see them again no matter how good or bad they were. Did you get the run where they go to hell? I thought it was pretty great.

I really miss that series. Honestly I think they’re what Warners need to be looking into.


Fantastic Four and Daredevil are mine, in that order.


I have been steadily dropping Marvel and DC titles for years and refusing to try their current offerings no matter how much people recommend them.

When DC launches another Legion of Super-Heroes title, I’ll be first in line to buy it.

I think that answers the question :slight_smile:


Batbooks. Avengers titles. X-books for almost 20 years…gave up after Bendis and Aaron left. Wild storm characters. I always have a Superman book on my list. Daredevil until recently, for some reason. Winter Soldier, obviously. FF.

…I read a lot of comics.

I follow creators more than anything, though.


I don’t remember any of the minis specifically. I Did enjoy the team on the Defenders, so out might have been my expectations getting in the way when I read the first one.

And, yeah, a JLI film could be DC’s GotG in the right hands.


Batman (And Batfamily).
Image (almost everything).
Asterix (yeah, i still read Asterix).


I’d hate to be “that guy”, but I’d have to say Millarworld. They just get me.


I refer the honourable gentlemen to the answer given above by Mike.

It’s the same except I would add Alan Davis (with Moore and Delano) on Captain Britain and it was amazing when the two combined with Excalibur.


Legends of Tomorrow is DC’s GotG.


Dragon ball. Even though it’s a manga.


It’s comics all the same.

I am quite passionate in the belief that comics are just sequential art, doesn’t matter where they come from, who publishes them or if they are in a newspaper, website, book or magazine.


I’m not even sure that we should say “manga”. It creates an unrealistic and unnecessary divide. Why use a Japanese loan word when there’s already English word that’s already well established for what they are: “comics”. My friend’s kids devour manga at a scary rate, but would never look at Marvel or DC. Why not? “I don’t read comics”. Errr… :confused:

Yes there are certain characteristics we expect from manga that we don’t expect from mainstream American comics, but the same is true of British weeklies. “Do you read comics?” “No, I read 2000AD” … is something nobody would ever say with a straight face :smiley: