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What is the best band name ever?


The point being though, those same people attacking Ministry were apparently blisfully unaware of Al’s prior game in terms of political content. (and the Land of Rape and Honey and The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste both have political songs that aren’t about the US to boot)

And it wasn’t just Ministry, plenty of bands who had long histories of political music were attacked for releasing work critical of George W Bush in the early 2000s, and usually with a “they should stick to music and leave politics out of it” talking point attached.

Sadly, Al has put Ministry to bed following Mike Saccacia’s death a few years ago. Now, this wouldn’t be the first time he’s split the band up (the second time I saw them live was their alleged last gig ever, and I’ve seen them again since then), but I get the feeling this one will stick.


Yeah but to your original point about metal bands being especially on the far right or left politically and this:

For sure, and while a lot of bands can get political on some of their songs, they’re not necessarily on the far anything… Now, of course you do have some bands, like Ministry, that have always been political but I honestly can’t think of many… You have Megadeth, System of a Down, Sepultura, maybe Slayer (I’m not sure if they’re super political tbh)… a couple of german bands, but I’m really hard pressed to think of more at first glance (and I’m sure there are plenty others but on a much lesser-known scale). Overall, from what I know, metal bands, depending on the subgenre too, write lyrics about I dunno… depression, their feelings, drugs, sex, booze, love, gore, horror, vampires, fantasy (all the power metal bands), war, violence, pseudo-satanic stuff, religion in general, etc…

But again, while I do know a lot of bands from many countries, I’m far from being an expert…


Some other crazy 60s names I remember

Dave,Dee,Dozy,Beak,Mick and Titch
Unit 4 plus 2
Procol Harum (great band)
The New Vaudeville Band
Boney M


I did that once with a band called D.B. Cooper. I learned my lesson, and never did that again. :slight_smile:


Seriously, they were right there


Franz Ferdinand and Biffy Clyro (both incidentally possible name candidates) both came out publicly for Scottish independence, though I suppose that is more constitutional than political.


Yup, it’s in the name :smile: … I forgot that one… Well I’ve never considered them “metal” per-se, so that’s probably why… but for sure. Pretty huge band, as well… I don’t know if Audioslave are/were as political as RATM tho…



True story. So, one of Mouse Rat’s earlier names is Scarecrow Boat. Michael Schur, one of the creators of the show, was in college with a guy who had a high school band called Scarecrow Boat, and that’s where he got the name from. I went to that high school and saw Scarecrow Boat play at a Battle of the Bands.

What’s weird, for me, was that this was a high school of 1200 people in the middle of nowhere. 20 years later, I’m watching Parks and Rec and hear the name “Scarecrow Boat” and think, “Wait…what?” do some Googling and discover that I’m not crazy.


After starting a new job at a construction project with a deadline, I thought Mandatory Saturdays would make a good name for a weekend bar band. :wink:



Is there anyone who doesn’t love Highlander and the music from Highlander? No one? Glad that’s agreed.


His name was Kurgan.


Allow me to rephrase. Is there anyone with a head who doesn’t love Highlander?





Fatboy Slim is not a band, but it’s a more memorable name than Norman Cook.

Daft Punk is also a great name.

Aphex Twin too.


Norman Cook I believe holds the record for getting into the UK top 40 as performer (not a writer) under the most different names.

The Housemartins
Norman Cook (for one record)
Beats International
Freak Power
The Mighty Dub Katz
Fatboy Slim
Brighton Port Authority

He almost makes his own top ten and the material is very diverse.

From this:

To this:

To this:


Due to my job’s heavy workload I’m forming a band called Mandatory Saturdays :wink:


The Dictator Tots.