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What is the best band name ever?


(much, much later)

Always wondered why Steppenwolf never cut a special vinyl album with a white and black side - y’know, the light side and the Darkseid.


I think Joanna Gruesome is a particularly funny, but random effort - especially as they have no link nor a similar sound to Joanna Newsom.


I always go for the late sixties to seventies names. Jethro Tull. Uriah Heep, Canned Heat, Jefferson Airplane, The Velvet Underground. The Joy Division later on.

It’s interesting the sort of literary background that led to these names. The Doors obviously came from Huxley, Led Zeppelin was somewhat inspired by the same sort of Nazi fascination that motivated the punk movement.

Punk can be summed up to kids telling their parents, “Yeah, you beat the Nazis in World War 2. So, why do you want us to act like little Nazis today?”


The skinhead look was back in a big way in Ireland last year, and it was the full neo-nazi type of look too. I never did get around to asking one if they just liked the clothes or if they were into the ideology too.

But it’s interesting to see how many genres of music are split between far left and far right modes of thought - punk, neofolk, martial, and metal especially veer wildly between the two extremes.


I don’t think most metal is that political to be honest… yeah you got some bands, but the majority, depending on the type of metal will talk about about a lot of topics.


Not in the US, but there’s a lot of far more political bands in the rest of the world, especially in Europe. Norwegian metal bands have a reputation for a reason, after all.


I thought Led Zep were named after a comment by Keith Moon.


Yeah for the “burning churches satanist” thing =P

But, I dunno, I’m pretty into metal from all around, I don’t see that many when compared to the rest… but hey, maybe you’re right.


It’s a very common thing in music for people not to notice specific themes unless they’re looking for them. For example, Ministry were attacked for releasing three “overtly political” albums during George W. Bush’s presidency, and critics claimed they should keep out of politics and stick to music. At no point did these critics realise that Ministry had a history of political music dating back to the 80s, or that their breakthrough hit NWO - released in 1992 - was an attack on George HW Bush, and it even used samples from Bush’s New World Order speech.


They were. German royals were at first delighted that they used the name followed by being aghast after seeing the first album company.

I work right in front of the old Airdock of what was once the Goodyear-Zeppelin Company. It was originally a partnership between the two companies but broke down a little before WWII.


The greatest band name ever is…

Faster Muttley

You can close the thread now.


I like Die Antwoord, or some songs anyway. It always confounds me when listening to their lyrics that it doesn’t sound like Dutch at all, despite Dutch commenters saying that it does…

Honestly it doesn’t. I recognize a few words every now and then, but it’s really a different language. Is their rap standard Afrikaans, or is it a sort mix or dialect?


It’s a version of Afrikaans.
Afrikaans is split in a standard version (the formal version) and into a vernacular version, which varies depending on what part of the country you’re in. Die Antwoord use a mix of Jozi and Cape Flats Afrikaans.


I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness


I got this one.
Flight of the Conchords


Interesting. Is Jozi the Johannesburg dialect? is it English or Afrikaans?


Jozi is ikasi slang for Johannesburg. I used it (Jozi) to refer to the type of Afrikaans they speak in Johannesburg. Jozi itself is not a type of slang or dialect.


Die Antwoord use a mix of Johannesburg and Cape Flats Afrikaans.


I couldn’t possibly suggest what’s a '“best” band name, but there’s only one band whose album I bought solely because I was intrigued by their name: Godspeed You! Black Emperor


I was going to put that. They had a few fun hits and were never afraid to take the piss out of the whole pop music thing.
The following tube demonstrates that and shows remarkable prescience in the lead singer wearing what to me looks like a Simon Cowell head:


Actually those “critics” (butthurt republicans basically) attacked ministry for being anti-republican, because yes, even Al J. himself said it many times, a republican in the White House gets his “creative juices” on overdrive… I guess it being HW’s son also helped “inspire him”… So hey, if Trump wins, we can all expect a couple new Ministry albums for sure… so that’s one thing to look forward to, I guess? :smile:

Other than that I just remembered the bad with the worst name ever: The Presidents of the United States of America… holy crap that’s a mouthful… But the band is pretty great =P