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What is the best band name ever?


“I was at a gig last night”

  • "Who?
  • “Yes?”
    “No, Who.”

For variations on the skit, add in “The Band” and “The Guess Who”.


It gets even more complicated if you were going to see theaudience.


Or the music.


Maybe you need to start a “How’s your eyesight?” thread.


I love The Band. If I’m not mistaken, one of the guys in Coheed & Cambria is the son of one of them.


The Hooters.

Don’t mind googling it, though.
It’s quite misleading.


Did we mention My Bloody Valentine? Because we need to.

Oh, and, I mean: Garbage. That’s pretty straightforward.


Dunno about the offspring thing, but I did catch a couple issues of The Amory Wars in the quarter bin and they were okay - for being a tiny part of the story. That’s a band with a lot of baggage, I’d say. Good ideas, but too much time resulting in a dissipated effort.

I always wanted the Who and the Guess Who to play a double bill, maybe with The Band. Just for the poster!


I was very disappointed in The Amory Wars comics in their various iterations. Claudio has some great ideas and can pen amazing songs but they end up a mess in comics. Up until the last album, all of their albums had been concept albums telling a giant sci-fi story.


Probably… here, have fun =P

I’d agree with this if only they were called “And you will know us by the trail of OUR dead”… That’d make it better.

Pesonally I’ve always been partial to ANTHRAX 'cause I love how the word sounds.

I also quite like Supertramp and another metal band Soilwork (makes them sound so eco-friendly :smile: )


According to the band’s website, their name is taken from an ancient Mayan ritual chant, which shows a striking similarity to an ancient Egyptian chant. This explanation, however, is said to be merely an ongoing joke.


I will forgive the Amory Wars comics for being mediocre, because Coheed and Cambria make damn fine music.


I completely agree with this statement. It just makes me wish he would bring in someone to help him make sense of his ideas. I would like to read the Peter David novelization of Year of the Black Rainbow but they’re kind of hard to come by. When they go up on eBay, $50 is cheap.


Sci-fi is hard to translate to music, as is fantasy. Lots of attempts to write Moorcock songs, Veteran of the Psychic Wars and Black Blade by Blue Oyster Cult, notably. Maybe one of the best was an ancient one by Crosby, Stills and Nash, Wooden Ships. It could be argued Donovan’s fantasy Atlantis is in the same group. Most songs are about getting famous, getting laid, and getting left.


That’s the thing. The music is great. It’s when he tries to translate it to comic form that it doesn’t work for me. What is the sci-fi fantasy element to Wooden Ships? I love some CSN&Y.

Also, Led Zeppelin has a fair amount of fantasy elements especially Lord of the Rings elements mixed into their music.


When they intro’ed Wooden Ships at Woodstock (the first one, and one’s education is incomplete if one has not seen this doco) Crosby (I think) said “this is a science fiction story, about after the disaster there were very few people left, and they went away, escaping in the wooden ships …”



I think 90% of my CD collection has fantasy elements mixed into the music :worried:


Mine is much the same, except it’s dark cyberpunk futures instead of fantasy.


I seem to have forgotten: Wet Willie