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What is the best band name ever?


Yeah, I gathered at their P&L concert that they did not do it for any other reason than out of respect for fans and the bereaved.

Some artists, I think, would do similar things for other, perhaps more careerist or self-indulgent, reasons.


As Love & Rockets was mentioned earlier in the thread, I want to give a mention to Speedy Ortiz. US grunge band, lots of fuzzed out guitars and earworm hooks. They come out to the UK quite a bit and I really like what they’re doing. Most recent album “Foil Deer” is tons of fun, but if you want a quick ~3 minute fix then I recommend one of their early singles “Taylor Swift”.

We’re over 100 replies in, but I think @RobertB nailed it all the way up in post #3, Sonic Youth is the best band name ever.


I do not agree with it being the best band name ever…

Chalk it up to my inability to see beyond my undying love for Queen.

Edit: But Sonic Youth is, without a doubt, a great band name.



They’re actually a cool little band, do fantasy comic book art and such.


Reminds me of Hawkwind’s Stacia. One night the band are playing away and a woman climbs out of the audience, takes her clothes off, and starts dancing. Rather than throw her off stage, they said well you might as well join the band then. So she did.

On topic: I think Hawkwind is a pretty good band name. Not for any particular reason of the word itself, just that it seems a thematically perfect fit for them.

Maybe some names “grow” into good names because they fit, not because they are inherently clever.


When I was younger, I wanted to start a punk band and call it Disposable Heroes. I think it was a ad for Rick Veitch’s Brat Pack that inspired it. It had a trash can with superhero stuff sticking out of it and said, “Live fast. Die with your mask on.” Sadly, I have no musical talent. :wink:


There’s a UK online comics shop called Disposable Heroes. I think they shut down not long ago.


That’s because…(meaningful pause, dramatic voice)… they were disposed of.


I unfortunately have never heard of Hawkwind. But I have since looked them up and I will say, if Stacia were in the Bosstones, game over. Holy crap that girl will never drown.


NWA is a nice one.

BLUE OYSTER CULT, CANNED HEAT and URIAH HEAP struck me as unusual back in the 70’s.


Canned Heat became Canned Heat because Sterno was trademarked, and “canned heat” the motto.

Blue Oyster Cult (mit umlauts) have also played as Soft White Underbelly.

Uriah Heep is from a Dickens book.

Mike Moorcock is basically a member of Hawkwind and BOC.


There was a band named Angel in the late 70s; while the name isn’t great, I loved their logo, which can be read upside down.


Upsidedown? It can barely be read right side up. :wink:


Say what you like about ænguez but they’ve got a great logo.


In a couple of weeks I’ll be going to watch a band called The World Is A Beautiful Place And I’m No Longer Afraid To Die. They are supremely unconcerned with brevity.


ZenGel too!


I’m surprised “The Best Band Name Ever” is not the name of a band somewhere.

“What’s the name of your band, man?”

“It’s ‘The Best Band Name Ever’!”

“…Okay, so what is it?”


Just remembered the name of the band ex-Terror vision lead singer formed:

Laika Dog


What can I say? It was the 70s!


I’l do this just to save @davidm the effort…