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What is the best band name ever?


Not to mention Mucous Membrane!

The Dead Kennedys had an extremely efficient name, it has to be said.


They were never the same after that Newcastle gig.


The Hair Blair Bunch
Coming Up For Blair
Various Artists (to fuck over people with ipods)
The Executioner’s Bong
Spunk Bubble
Mama’s Cumquat
Curse These Metal Hands
Man Feelings
Danny Dyer’s Chocolate Homonculus
13 Bastards


And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead


I was going to mention Doctor Teeth and Electric Mayhem, but I think I’ll just take my ball and go home. :disappointed:


I’d argue you’re possibly the winner of the thread so far.


The percussion group on Tom Waits’ The Earth Died Screaming are credited as “The Boners”. That always makes me chuckle.


I always liked the Soggy Bottom Boys from O Brother, Where Art Thou?.


One of my favourites right now is Pansy Division. I’m ashamed to say it took a long time for me to spot the horribly obvious pun.


Top 50 worst band names ever or most outrageous, or just plain stupid:

Many not suitable for the easily offended.


“Eskimo Cowboy” is a pretty good name for a band. Shite band, though, sadly. Their pop meets death metal thing might be interesting (thought a Linkin Park variation anyway) if they were a better band… but they’re not.


Stuffy puppy huffy pumpernickle and the gruff abrupt trumped up grumpy nikckys.


I hated their second album…



It was a great concept album!


Sex Pistols

Rage Against The Machine

Alice in chains



This was back in… 2012, I think. Peace and Love festival.

I was working the second biggest stage of the festival (at the time, the biggest festival in Sweden), and they were really great. Just beside the fence left of stage laid railway tracks and apparently, a kid around 12 years old had been in an accident and died just prior to the summer. He was a big fan of Dropkick and in they went on to tell the audience about this tragedy and to hold a silent minute together in respect to this.

Complete silence. Audience included. Mid-concert. For a full minute. It was, in the true sense of the word, awesome.



Gonna throw in DIE ANTWOORD (which means THE ANSWER). They’re a South African (HELL YEAH) band with their own kind of vibe. Let this penetrate deep inside your ears. Shhh… Just let it happen…


OK. I saw them in 1997. So they had probably improved vastly.


I saw Die Antwoord play last year. It was great fun.


They are actually pretty cool that way. They wrote a song in tribute to one of their fans who died in Iraq.