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What is the best band name ever?


I’m 43 and have been a fan of punk and the NYC hardcore scene since the 80’s. Bands like the Gorilla Biscuits, Supertouch, Bold, Judge, Underdog, Token Entry etc. I had the great pleasure of going to CBGB’s for hardcore Sundays and it changed me forever. I’ve never seen Blink 182 but did see +44, Mark Hoppus’ other band. They were fun.


Very cool. I’m 37 and grew up in a decidedly more rural area. So I didn’t have as much access to great shows. I did see a few in my day though. One of my bigger regrets was having to miss out on a Rancid and Hepcat show due to an college exam. Blink 182 was great when they started but really got watered down. +44 rekindled some of that spark which makes me think Tom might have been at least part of the direction I didn’t care for.


Mouse Rat! If anyone watch’s Parks and Rec you get the reference :slightly_smiling:


you are all wrong…


I endorse this message. The Pineapple Chunks are awesome.


The Flak Jackets!


I have one Mighty Mighty Bossstones song (The Impression That I Get) in my iTunes library, but I have four Dropkick Murphys songs. Just saying…


It was at a Dropkick Murphys concert I realized I can hear with my mouth.


Yes. I love some Punk Rock Jesus.

Add my name to this list.

When did you see them? Hopefully, after 1997. :wink:

There were some really great 3rd Wave Ska band names, Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, Dance Hall Crashers, etc.


Have we managed to get this far through the thread without anyone mentioning The Clash at Demonhead or Sex Bob-omb? Interesting.


Anal C*nt. You’ve got to admit it’s catchy.


Yeah, it is unfortunate they never struck commercially. In my opinion, they are one of those great bands with a unique sound. The Impression that I Get is OK, but it is by far and away not the best representation of the band. If you have any interest, check out some of the videos on their website.


It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to them and really need to pick up some Bosstones music. What’s your favorite album? I used to hear good things about Question the Answers.


I would say More Noise and Other Disturbances, Let’s Face It or Question the Answers. My only problem with Question the Answers, is Dicky was going through a divorce, so a handful of the song themes are about not being able to fix his relationship. It’s not the best representation of their range. More Noise is their second album and my favorite. A little hard a little ska a lot of fun. And even though Let’s Face It had The Impression That I Get on it, the other songs are great. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with any one of those three in my opinion.


They also did a special release of Live at the Middle East for Record Store Day Black Friday last year.


Best band name? It depends on my mood but some favorites:
Nine Inch Nails
Murph & the Magic Tones
The Highway Men
Brutality From the Womb


That’s a great album, because you get to hear them live. I have 197 MMB mp3’s. A handful of different versions of existing songs, some covers, a bunch of live and some rarities. If anyone wants any, we could figure out a way to get them to ya.


I’m listening to it on Youtube right now. Good stuff. One of the things I loved when I saw them and you can on the album is when Dicky calls out assholes in the crowd and tell them to stop throwing cups or kicking people while crowd surfing.


I’ve seen them up and down the East Coast, and Dicky has always been about crowd love and the Bosstones family vibe. Plus, how do you not love a band that just has a guy who dances? Ben Carr was a friend/roadie who was too young to get in a club back in the day. They told the club manager that he was part of the band. Dicky told him to get out there with them and just dance. Ever since that fateful day, he’s been a staple. He is officially known as the Bosstone.


Anytime Dave Barry has uttered the immortal “…would make a great name for a rock band.”

Also, Hootie and the Blowfish.