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What is the best band name ever?




I can’t remember all the titles that have been mentioned.

But to add a few to the list of band names not-quite-as-great-a-band-name-as-QUEEN; Canned Heat, Thin Lizzy (must’ve been mentioned above, considering the origins of that name), Rage Against The Machine…


The Human League. I also love Cabaret Voltaire, but I can’t imagine a better name than The Human League.



Is it the Boy Zone, or is it the less common Boys One?

Works either way.



Boys’ Own.


We have a winner!


I assumed it was spelled that way when I first heard it, actually.


That could have lead to some really disappointed young girls on Christmas morning.


The Prodigy is a wicked name.


They are generally wicked.

In a good, no, awesome way. :slight_smile:


Except when they spell it wrong:


Let’s blame MTV, mmkay?


For everything.


David Meadows: “Prog is MTV’s fault”


I obviously meant everything bad.


David Meadows: “Prog is MTV’s fault”


The Fartz

Runners-up: The Slits, Bang Tango, Bad Brains and Crumbsuckers. I have others, but they’re too nasty for polite company.


Many good scanning names.

I like Terasbetoni as a name, a Finnish metal band. It scans well to me. They are metal daft in Finland.

‘Terasbetoni’ means '‘Reinforced Concrete’ in English.

Here is a taster:

PS ‘Voittomaton’ means ‘invincible’.