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What is the best band name ever?


Which incidentally was the name of Variation in Vocabulary’s second EP (which while critically acclaimed I personally found to be a tedious listen).


I’m just using the scientific definitions. not the commonly accepted ones.


That spotty guy in the baseball cap is clearly in his thirties!

RP isn’t a dialect, Kalman, mostly because it’s an artificial construct of a standard (“high”) language pronunciation. I think the artificiality part also holds true for standard UK English, if I am not mistaken, in that the UK does not actually have any region where standard English is also the dialect.

Other than that, yes, Kalman is right in describing the relationship between dialects and language. Also in that dialect isn’t just a variation in vocabulary (and pronunciation) but also in grammar.

There doesn’t seem to be a band called “Received Pronunciation”, but “Modern English” isn’t a bad name for a band, is it?


Frankly I don’t know what you’re all talking about, this is a dialect:


No, that’s a travel machine. The dialect is a living being inside it.


My mistake.


The splinter group formed by members of Variation in Vocabulary? Terrible, aren’t they?


This was a misguided choice for the title of My Mistake’s first album.


Just so we’re clear, does this mean you agree that RP in the non-loose sense is an accent not a dialect?


You’re all wrong.

It’s still Queen.


She doesn’t speak RP either.


Does Freddie sing in an accent or a dialect?

Also, Man of Steel. Since it’s derailed and all


Just seen this listed as a support band :



Surely Spock’s Beard deserves a mention?



There is a band called Pup. I know nothing about them except that they are called PUP so clearly they are the best band ever. Aside from The Uncanny X-Men that is – obviously they’re the bestest best band ever.


Wait… you think Bundjalung is a langauge or Bundjialong is a language? Or the Durubal-Badjalang is a language?

I mean, since we’re talking specifics and all.

Because all the scholars I talk to happily distinguish language codes, language groups, and then the tribal languages and language codes - only a handful of them seem to be dialects by your definition. And then there’s Arakwal which is like a whole other thing…

They’re actually (more correctly) colloquially referred to as the Bandjalangic or Bundjalungic languages, so there’s not really such a thing as Durabal-Badjalang as a language - it’s more just a artificial term in the same way that the Bundjialong Nation is an artificial federation of tribal groups constructed in that way to give meaning to western interpreters. I think it’s probably fair to say that Bandjalang and Yugumbir are dialects of Bundjalung but you can’t say that Githabul is a bundjalung dialect; that would be like saying Spanish is a French dialect.

Which is the latest band-name I’ve listened to and clearly the best.


He’s been very quiet lately, so it’s hard to say.



Did you mean to post this in the live music thread? (Osheaga looks awesome this year.)


Band names are just too fun to abandon this thread, methinks.

Shout-out to names like Flatbush Zombies and Car Seat Headrest.