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What is the best band name ever?


See, now I have an image of little baby muppet Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, and Kim Il Sung, all in their paramilitary uniforms, grooving away.


You’re welcome.


Scanning my favourites playlist, a few turn up:

Godspeed You! Black Emperor (got to love that crazy exclamation mark)


The Samuel Jackson 5

Wolf Alice

But I still think the boldest band name ever is Anal C*nt.


Dear God. I had no idea Fatboy Slim used to be in The Housemartins :open_mouth:

My mind is so blown.


Sorry to necropost, and sorry to be pedantic, but there’s no such thing as a native variety of a language that isn’t a dialect. In other words, even if Jozi is seen as a kind of “Standard Afrikaans” (which I think you mean by “not a dialect”) or is looked up to by other Afrikaans speakers, it is still a dialect, albeit a standard one. Similarly, RP is a dialect of English, just one that’s the standard form in Great Britain.


We have aboriginal language groups defined, which are cultures wholly defined by their language as they have no written or recorded history and within those language groups are tribal families with different dialects. If you were to infer their greater language were a dialect you would be offending them.



(here is an example:


A language as a whole isn’t a dialect. Specific subgroups of a language are, even if it is seen as standard or is given prestige by speakers of the language as a whole. The exceptions are if the standard language is artificial, or if it is used only to communicate between speakers of different dialect, and isn’t used in speaking to neighbors and/or family members.
Of course, the difference between “language” and “dialect” is very hard to determine on a very technical level.
(Also, the existence of a Pama-Nyugen language without Retroflexes blows my mind)


You just said there isn’t such thing as a native variety of a language that isn’t a dialect.

In this case the bundjalung is a native variety of the bundjialong language that isn’t a dialect because it isn’t spoken but an understanding of culture and a way of passing information and stories that speak to the spiritualism of the bundjialong nation (although there are some tribes like the githabul that take exception to that).




Exactly, what I was saying. When you say “Bundjalung language” you are talking about the speech system as a whole. That’s not a dialect. If they have a common form or register that say, Yugumbir speakers use to speak to Wiyabal or Gidabal speakers, or vice versa, that’s not a dialect, because nobody would use that in daily conversation.


But it’s not about the speakers, it’s about the knowledge – so, for example, you can have “serious knowledge” amongst the Githabul, Gulli-bal, Ngaarakbal and the other one which, I forget, which is a way of speaking to all four of those tribes which confers you have serious knowledge, and only important clever men with serious knowledge can have access to that knowledge, and can pass certain stories - what they speak isn’t a dialect or register. It only works because it is known that they have this knowledge and become those peoples that have access to certain places and can act as bargainers or negotiators between tribes. When the natthungs of the tribes get together who have this knowledge and go to secret places they converse in this particular way that isn’t of any tribes but of those men.


So in Australian Aboriginal cultural contexts, you can have languages that aren’t dialects. But my point still stands in regard to western languages.


Yesssssssssss I win!!!

All the moneys please!


No it isn’t, most people in Great Britain don’t use RP and it isn’t a dialect. RP is an accent. The clue is in the P.

Huw Edwards speaks BBC English, Terry Wogan did, nobody would say they speak in RP:

A dialect is indicative of a variation in vocabulary.


I’m sorry, I must have walked into the wrong thread. I was looking for the one about best band names…? :confused:


You mean you didn’t pick up the latest album by “Githabul, Gulli-bal, Ngaarakbal and the other one which, I forget”?

They’re a fantastic Australian quartet. Although to be honest I think only three of them are really pulling their weight.


Did you not hear the latest album from ‘variation in vocabulary’?


Yes, and it was rubbish.


David, it’s against the site rules to log in and post as somebody else.


A dialect combines vocabulary, grammar and accent. I was using RP in a loose sense, meaning UKSE spoken in RP.
This video explains the difference between a language and a dialect:

As you can see, Jozi, as a variety of Afrikaans is a dialect, even if it is looked upon with prestige.
Bundjalung is a language, and I would, after serious consideration, consider the “Serious Knowledge” variety that Tim was talking about as a non-literate equivalent to a written language’s written form.


I was raised bilingual and learned 2 other languages as life took me. I have lived for 13 years in Asia surrounded by 4 or 5 languages a day.

I don’t really need a youtube video from a spotty teen in a baseball cap to educate me.

RP is not a dialect.