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What is the best band name ever?


In keeping with them also being the greatest rock band ever I’m going to go with Queen.

Objections? Other suggestions?


Earth, Wind and Fire


Sonic Youth, no question. I don’t love them but they nailed the name.


Tool is about as great a name as is the waiting time for their next album.

Rammstein is an inspired choice, looking at the many awesome song and album titles they have. Imagine if they called themselves Sehnsucht or Herzeleid.

I also love Kraftwerk. The name really says it all.


Comic artist, Adi Granov, has been posting pictures of him touring with them on his Instagram. He’s even riding and sleeping on the bus.


Swedish band Zamla mammas manna, Kollect mothers manna, is an awesome name. Their song titles include Klossa Knapitatet, beautiful wordplay translating roughly into “Clush Cnapilatism”.


Wazzhisneimondere? Gimmedem2meeznao!


Steely Dan.




Adi’s usually posted by g/f Tamsin. Lots of us know and like them. Good peeps!


Rhapsody of Fire.
It just sounds so epic…


Something tells me i couldve figured that one out.


Sound like London 1666, to me.


Led Zeppelin.


What makes a good Band Name?


Yup, that is a great one.

The Beatles are a bit so-so, The Rolling Stones are more likey-feeley.


They’re actually Italian. But they’re music is as epic as the name implies:


I love Eva von Zeppelin’s reaction to the name.


Getting with the times, they could change their name to LED Zeppelin.

As in Light-Emitting Diod


I work in front of the old Goodyear-Zeppelin Airdock. :wink: