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What is (are) your favorite Bond song(s)?


Now, with that Fleming JB discussion recently, I was thinking on beautiful songs during opening sequences. It’s very tough call, but I’ll stop at five of them.

My take is:

Shirley Bassey - Goldfinger
Lulu - The Man with the Golden Gun
Duran Duran - A View to a Kill
Gladys Knight - License to Kill
Chris Cornell - Casino Royale


Interesting question. My list would be something like:

  • We Have All the Time in the World
  • From Russia with Love
  • Nobody Does it Better.
  • All Time High (mostly because I have the cover version by Pulp rather the original Rita Coolidge version).
  • You Know My Name

I think that On Her Majesty’s Secret Service has the best theme tune (but it isn’t a song) and the best music of all of the Bond movies.



Goldfinger, You Only Live Twice, and Nobody Does it Better is my top three.


It has to be Live And Let Die for me.


I forgot about this one. Great choice. It might be my favourite.

The movie was my favourite Bond as a kid and I loved the opening sequence.

The inventive visuals were a big part of these opening songs for me too.


I’ll put in a special mention for this one too. It’s not my favourite, but I think it’s better than its reputation suggests. I thought it was quite a good attempt to recapture the feel of some of the classic songs by a band that had quite a different sound.


David Arnold who took over the music on the movies between Tomorrow Never Dies and Quantum of Solace, tried to bring things back to that old-school, big John Barry feel.

If anyone likes that sort of thing, he did an album of James Bond covers that I liked.


I’ve always enjoyed Goldeneye but Live and Let Die would have to be my favourite.


Yes and as such I think this is the best Bond song that wasn’t (co-written and produced by Arnold):


Really. For what is worth, my chagrin how the movie turned out to be, but the music is truly the best. And when it starts playing when Blofeld’s man pursuing Bond and Tracy during ski chase… Whew! Perfect for an action film.

I’ll settled on the five, but these are running - up:

Nancy Sinatra - You Only Live Twice
Paul McCartney - Live And Let Die
Sheena Easton - For Your Eyes Only
Aha - The Living Daylights
Adele - Skyfall

As said, tough decision.

Something puzzles me though: I love Lulu’s but I read it received much backlash, supposedly for double entendre lyrics. Not native speaker I am, and have to admit, I think she sung just as nicely. As for the lyrics, I get most of the words, but not the suggestive content.


There have been quite a few interesting near-misses haven’t there?

I remember thinking this one from Pulp was completely wrong for a Bond movie:

I quite like KD Lang’s ‘Surrender’ that was going to be the Tomorrow Never Dies theme but ended up relegated to the end credits (I think). Again, there’s a classic Bond feel about it.

Better than the Sheryl Crow number (which I actually quite liked at the time).


Yes, I could be wrong but I don’t think ‘Play Dead’ was ever intended as a Bond song though, it just sounds like one and likely why Arnold later got the job.


Too shame he got replaced. He’d the next John Barry.


A View to a Kill
The Livinf Daylights
Live and Let Die
Nobody Does It Better
and the Casino Royale one


Liva and Let Die
You Only Live Twice
I might be the only person who likes the one Jack White & Alicia Keys did


It is from the soundtrack for the movie The Young Americans (with Iain Glen and Harvey Keitel if I recall) which David Arnold scored.

I am struggling to find it, but Radiohead did a spec theme song for SPECTRE, didn’t they? And they have been known to cover Nobody Does it Better when they play live.



Yeah they did a spec song form Spectre.
It would have been way better than what was actually in Spectre for sure.


Yeah, the song Radiohead did is incredible. One of their best songs, imo.