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What if Man of Steel had been shot in colour?


It’s actually quite startling how difference this looks and I would have dearly loved to see those blue skins and bright colours. But the problems with that movie run way, way deeper of course. Still, it’s an interesting experiment from the Youtube Magicians:

On a side note: My 3 year old’s 2 favourite characters are Superman and Batman. She’ll be 4 when this movie hits the cinemas and tragically there is no way I can let her see it until she’s at least 10. One thing Marvel is doing right (though I really am getting tired of seeing them chase these various McGuffins, Iron Man landing and punching the ground with his right fist, Cap saying something dorky, etc) is that they remember the primary audience for these flicks is children. The rest of us are a bonus, but ultimately these movies need to embrace all ages like the first Avengers did so well.



If they shot it in colour and condensed the last hour into 10 minutes then we’re talking.


I love how it looks in colour. He actually looks like Superman now (even though he forgot to put his underpants on).

The line in that video about Superman flying in blue skies is perfect, and so true.

Of course in the next movie they need to have grey skies due to the atmospheric dust from the destruction of Metropolis. All that pulverised concrete must have gone somewhere. Really, the whole world should be in a nuclear winter in BvS.


straight away seeing the brighter version my excitement exploded.
If i was Synder, i would have done it like that and then gone for they darker style for Batman V superman, it would have been a nice transition.
Supes light, Bats dark…makes sense to me.
In my humble opinion.


I have a son who turns 8 this year and there is no way I’d let him see any of these Marvel movies aside from Guardians. They are every inch as violent as Man of Steel—in my opinion moreso, as there is more gunplay, car crashes, military aggression, i.e. more stuff that is “real world” violence and not fantasy violence.

I wouldn’t let him see Man of Steel either, but I don’t think there is a difference between these films on the “all ages” front.


Ironically, the best way to do a modern Superman film that stayed true to the “purer” nature of the character would be using the Marvel Studios house style.

Maybe they can do a Hyperion movie at some point and show DC where they’re going wrong.


I do.

It depends on your view of cartoon violence versus the harsher more realistic portrayals, I’m happy for my 4 year old to watch the Marvel films (but definitely not Daredevil on Netflix). Before they were born or were still babies I took my wife’s nephew to the Spider-Man films and when I saw Dark Knight I felt no way until he was at least 11 or so.


Well, to each his own but I left Winter Soldier kind of appalled that so many under-10 kids were in the audience.


You can only protect them so far, a lot of people died in Star Wars when I was taken to see it at 4, they destroyed a planet, but it was all blood free and rated ‘U’ Universal for All. We got severed limbs aplenty too.

Whether that is better or not is in the eye of the beholder, I’m not Frank D’agostino either who used to defend taking his 6 year olds to R rated horror films but I take a look at my reaction and those of my kids and make a judgement call. I’d probably have to review Man of Steel again but the Dark Knight Nolan stuff is pretty harsh (it would also probably bore them).


Aside from the neck-snapping, Man of Steel isn’t at all as bad as people make out. We just all have this memory of being in the theater with the loud surround sound blaring during the climax and thinking “ok, that’ll do”, but in reality it isn’t as “realistic” or violent or brutal or whatever as people make out. It’s kind of on the same level as everything else, not really worse.

Personally I don’t like Marvel’s more colorful approach to the violence—at least as far as children audience members go—as I think it sanitizes it in a way that I am not comfortable with, particularly with regards to the gunplay. I also don’t like the way the Marvel heroes act, all snark and posturing to make the violence seem “cool,” but that’s a separate issue.

Guardians is like Star Wars, it’s all so clearly a fantasy world top to bottom that I don’t think much of my kid watching it, although he refuses to watch the opening scene.


I can see that viewpoint, truly because there is a valid question of whether cartoon violence is worse because it removes it from consequences, but it really also applies equally to just about everything I enjoyed as a kid.The A-Team with their lousy shot machine guns that never hit anyone over 5 years. I don’t feel personally that I want to play double standards with what I was allowed to enjoy with no nightmares to my children.


At this point I’d be wondering if the profit-loving Studios might consider doing a DVD/Blu-ray where the overall color is changed to the brighter hues. This is the same process used if there is film-to-digital transferred (don’t know if BvS is being shot digitally, IMAX, 3D or what). The additional time would be minimal, as most sequences could be done with standardized settings.

We could end up with a home version, an extended version, a Director’s Cut with alternate endings, a Dark version, a Colorful version, a Colorful version extended, a Colorful with alternate … ah, y’all get the point.

And it’s still a year away! :beers:


Also remember I live in the US where there is like a 5% chance I’ll get shot whenever I go anywhere in public, which was not the case when we were kids.


You really need to stop advertising for Target with that t-shirt!


That looks freaking incredible!


It looks great, but how would this work for Batman? If you’re going to have Superman & Batman in the same movie you have to go in either direction: Bright and Colorful or Grey and Dark. It’s either one tone or the other, one works for Superman and one works for Batman. I can see why they went the Batman route with the success of the Dark Knight and the lack of success of Superman Returns.

I think the thing we don’t really think about is pairing Batman & Superman is an unnatural team, both characters essentially only work in different formats. It’d be like Marvel having a team up of Groot and Daredevil. It works in comics as we don’t really question it, but film is alot less forgiving.


Well, I question it all the time. I look at Batman and think, “Why the hell does Superman need him?”


Actually, Groot and Daredevil sounds pretty damn awesome!

But I think you can do it. Just shoot it all real. Batman I think works and looks best in that costume we saw in year One and the Batman/ Predator fan film. He has mobility, which has lacked in every Batman appearance for 25 years, and we could get some great kung fu action.

He’s Batman and thus so skilled he doesn’t need armour. He needs to be mobile more than he needs protected.

I think that Batman costume with this brighter looking Superman could look amazing. But only if it’s also in a completely diff movie :smile:



Well traditionally Batman is way smarter. Which is a shame as I’d prefer to have a really smart Superman, but ever since Miller made Supes a punchline for Batman things have never really been the same for him (even though Superman outfoxed Batman in that encounter). Really writers go through all sorts of hoops to justify Batman hanging around with Supes, when really he should just be back at the base barking out intel like he’s Chloe in 24.


“Traditionally” is a subjective term. How far back does your tradition go? Mine goes back to the 60s, when Superman was a super-genius master of every scientific discipline who could have designed and built himself a Batmobile in 0.5 seconds flat.