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What, if any, is the difference between a pitch and a proposal?


Just something I’ve been curious about.


A pitch is aimed at money men, in this case publishers, and a proposal is aimed at creative types, either from money men or potential collaborators.

Edit:They are interchangeable terms to some extent depending on the situation.


Darn it, someone answered it. I wanted to say that with a proposal you have to go down on one knee and…


No damn you. A Proposal was a 2009 movie that is tied with The Rebound as the last Romantic-Comedy of any quality.


Maybe…(haven’t seen it myself), but a pitch is something you play football on (or soccer for you American type folks).


A pitch is something that is never a problem, even if you have 99 others.


Sexy times, usually.


A pitch is from an unknown to a known (company).

A proposal is from a company to an individual.

If it sounds like marriage, it is. That’s where it comes from.