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What does Rihanna have to do with Huck #1?


I’ll tell you tomorrow.



I don’t want to spoil anything guys but her lettering skills are awesome.


My first thought drifts to…some sort of theme song.


In the original script The main character was named Rihanna Huck, but certain lawyers got wind of it.


“Huck. I am your mother. Search your feelings. You know it to be true!”


In the book she learns diamonds don’t shine; they reflect light.


Hucks secret secret identity?


It’s been tomorrow for a while now.

You already signed her for the theme song, huh?


Wakey wakey Miqque.


People lose news when Mark starts multiple threads on the same topic.

And this ain’t Tweeter.


She is a poster and or in a music video that comes to life as Huck’s spirit guide and tells him to believe in himself.

I’m right aren’t i?

Its ok, i know how good i am.
Honestly, it’s fine.
Its a gift.
My mother had it, my mother’s mother had it and now i have it. :wink:


Just read it!
Had such a sweetness to it which I loved.


It’s a compliment to Raphael’s art that even an old head like me gets lost in the storytelling of the panels and forgets (for a moment) that Mark wrote each of those panels.

I reacted to issue #1 in a similar manner to the pilot of Supergirl. Let myself get spun into the good solid fun as the wee alarm bells went off in the back of my skull. “This is just too much goodness. Evil will react.” Yep, good causes evil, and evil causes good; we live in a dynamic universe. And, of course, human venality provides the trigger.

The timing for this release could not have been better if planned.

Luckily, I have no idea where Mark is taking the story from here.